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EA games more popular on Sony formats

For first three months of 2008.

EA money results show that its games sold better on Sony platforms for the first three months this year.

You see, those months were the final three in its financial year, which saw the PS2 crowned as the winner by making USD 166 million.

Close behind was its PS3 sibling commanding USD 152 million, while its Xbox 360 rival managed just USD 128 million despite its installed-base advantage.

On the other hand, a meagre USD 75 million was made from EA games sold on Wii, this generation's hardware sales leader.

Sony also dominated the handheld facts and figures; USD 69 million was made from EA games sold on PSP, which gave it 47 percent of the portable market, which is almost double the DS with 25 percent. Mobile accounted for the rest of the pie with 28 percent.

If you're still awake, this all amounts to a massive 192 percent increase in PS3 EA game sales, probably because it didn't launch in Europe until 23rd March.

All other platforms sold more EA games than last year as well, with only the PC going the wrong way by 11 percent. Still, with Battlefield Heroes around the corner, this should change.

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