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Conviction "not yet perfect", says Ubi

Chance of appeal.

Following Splinter Cell: Conviction's disappointing no-show during last night's Ubidays press conference, Ubisoft has moved to quell speculation by claiming the game simply needs more "polishing".

Speaking to Eurogamer in Paris earlier today, global development boss Christine Burgess-Overmard insisted: "The team is still working on it". Nevertheless, speculation on the status of the high-profile project has been mounting after a lengthy information blackout since its unveiling a year ago, further fuelled by a recent magazine report suggesting the game was undergoing a major overhaul.

"Splinter Cell is one of our major IPs, so we don't let them go out before they're perfect, and it's not yet perfect," Burgess-Overmard explained. "So the team is polishing it so we can have a great game to offer the consumers." However, when pressed on a timeframe for the next reveal, she refused to be drawn, adding: "Not yet. When it's ready."

Splinter Cell: Conviction - at least as it was presented last year - focuses on a now-fugitive Sam Fisher stripped of his usual techy toys and forced to use crowds and his environment to avoid detection.

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Splinter Cell: Conviction

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