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2K Games confirms Bioshock PS3

About a week after everyone else.

You probably thought that the existence of Bioshock for the PS3 was confirmed when we ran our somewhat unambiguously headlined piece, "Bioshock confirmed for PS3" - well, so did we, but 2K Games is publishing it, so we'll forgive it for wanting to get in on the confirming action.

In a release that's hot off the presses and burning our fingers, 2K Games says that a PS3 version is in development, and will be out in October 2008. Rather more helpfully, the firm also confirms something we've been wondering about - namely that the PS3 edition will be "enhanced", with new content and features added to it.

No details have appeared as yet of what that new content might involve, although in the EGM story which broke the existence of the PS3 version, it was fairly strongly hinted that the graphics, at least, would be pretty much the same as the 360 version.

Bioshock was, of course, one of our favourite games of 2007 - and if you're a PS3 owner who doesn't have a PC or 360 to play it on, then take it from us, this is definitely one game which is better late than never.

(Rather optimistically, 2K Games also points out that releasing it in late 2008 on the PS3 means that Bioshock will be in the running for Game of the Year awards twice in a row. Nice try, guys.)

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