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Resi 5 to feature online co-op

Will be out by April next year.

It's been revealed that Resident Evil 5 will feature an online co-op mode so you can play the entire game with a friend by your side. Some storyline details have been leaked too - you might not want to read on if you don't want to know.

The news came in a Games Radar feature which has mysteriously disappeared from the Internet since it was published. But the Internet has a good memory, and can recall the article said Chris Redfield will be joined on his adventures by a lady mercenary. A second player will be able to drop-in and play as her at any time, and when you're going it alone she'll be AI-controlled.

The article also said the Mercenaries mini-game from Resi 4 is making a comeback. New features will include a cover system that lets you press yourself against walls and shoot round corners. Plus you'll be able to duck down and dodge bullets using the right analogue stick. Still no strafing.

Here comes the spoily bit: Resi 5 is set in a small African country with no name. It's located near a range of active volcanoes that runs through Eritrea, Ethiopia and Kenya, and is the source of the virus. Returning characters will include Sherry Birkin and Albert Wesker, and parts of the story will be revealed through playable flashbacks.

According to the article, the game will be out in 2009. Capcom's financial report confirms the game will be released during financial year 2008. So, Watson, it follows that Resident Evil 5 will be released at some point between January 1st and March 31st next year.

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