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Piñata DS and 360 nearly worked together

Rare just left it a bit late.

Rare has revealed that it came within inches of making Viva Piñata DS and upcoming Xbox 360 sequel Trouble in Paradise work together.

Lead designer Justin Cook said unfortunately the team found out too late that card codes could be displayed on the DS and read by the Live Vision Camera on 360.

"We got it to work, but it was too late in the development cycle," Cook told MTV Multiplayer. "It's one of those things where you just kick yourself."

One of the fresh features for Trouble in Paradise is the ability to expand your game world by scanning cards containing more creatures or toys or whatever Rare decides to make.

You'll also be able to print off cards shared in forums or popped on a phone, iPod or Zune screen and then scan them with your Live Vision Camera.

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