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Rare working on Killer Instinct 3?

Themed Viva Piñata cards fuel rumours.

Rare may be hard at work on a third Killer Instinct fighting game.

Rumours were fuelled by the arrival of three Viva Piñata animal cards based on characters from Killer Instinct - these are free and need simply to be scanned by a Live Vision camera to appear in-game.

The significance lies in Rare having teased the past two Killer Instinct instalments in other games: the first in Donkey Kong Country 2, and the second in Diddy Kong Racing.

This rumour joins mounting evidence almost purposely leaked by the developer itself in recent months - a bit like leaving the door open at naughty time.

Killer Instinct was a brutal fighting game with swanky graphics that appeared on arcades in 1994. It was later ported to SNES and GameBoy.

One of the main attractions was stringing together enormous combos sometimes made up of over 80 hits. There were finishing moves, too.

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