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Pinata fans reverse-engineer barcodes

Hot Choclodocus action!

Enterprising heroes from the brilliant community have managed to reverse-engineer the Pinata Vision barcode system used in Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise.

Developer Rare had been steadily distributing Pinata Vision cards online since the game launched in late 2008, allowing fans of the game to spawn their favourite pinata into Trouble in Paradise using the Xbox Live Vision camera.

But when Rare ran out of cards to distribute, the community barcode project took over and has since managed to produce a card that spawns one of the rarest pinata: the mighty Choclodocus.

Under normal circumstances you can only tempt the Choclodocus into your garden by gathering bones and gems and following other steps. Not any more! Good work, enterprising heroes.

Check out the forum for more details.

Viva Pinata is the best game ever made. Apart from Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise, which is the best game ever made. You make a garden and then lure awesome animals into it and get them to mate and slaughter each other.

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