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Pay for AoC without a card

King Conan now accepting PayByCash .

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With 400,000 people picking up Funcom's Age of Conan in its first week on sale, it doesn't look like the need to pay for the subscription with a credit card is holding too many people back - but if you're one of those rare souls, you'll be pleased to hear that Funcom now have a solution for you.

They've just announced a deal with PayByCash, a long-standing Internet payment processor who, as the name suggests, allow you to pay by cash. They also allow you to pay in about a million other ways - well, okay, 70 other ways.

Short of trading bags of sheep's wool or barrels of yak dung for your subscription, they've pretty much got it covered - so when your free month's up and you need to pay tribute to King Conan to continue your adventures in Hyboria, you're sorted even if you don't want to flash the plastic. Good stuff.

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