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Far Cry 2 to have 16-player online

Said to be like Call of Duty 4.

Far Cry 2 will have a 16-player online mode with persistent rewards and experience levels like Call of Duty 4.

Game designer Patrick Redding spilled the beans to Eurogamer at the UbiDays event in Paris, explaining you'll be able to pick a class to fit your playing style.

He wouldn't offer any further details, but did confirm there will be no online co-op despite the ability to use an NPC “buddy” to revive you and fight with you.

He also revealed the open-world shooter is ever-so-nearly feature complete, and will soon be entering its beta testing phase.

Far Cry 2 is due out this Christmas period on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Look out for our hands-on impressions very soon.