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Sony releases PS3 "stability" update

But apparently it's nothing to do with GTA IV.

Sony has updated PlayStation 3's firmware to version 2.35, but don't get your hopes up about the long-awaited in-game XMB or anything like this, because this is a "relatively minor update to improve stability of some PS3 titles", in the words of Eric Lempel, PlayStation Network's operations director.

Lempel's description had led to suggestions that 2.35 was specifically tailored to address freezing issues with Grand Theft Auto IV on PS3, but SCEA PR Manager Al de Leon quickly popped up on the resulting PlayStation Blog comments thread to deny this, saying it "isn't related to GTA IV".

"For those of you who may still have an issue playing the game on your PS3, we have identified a solution that should resolve the issue. You can contact SCEA Consumer Services for support," de Leon said. Presumably the same is true for SCEE customer services, details for whom can be found on the official PlayStation website.