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PC/360 shooter The Protector unveiled

Made by Gingerbread.

Freshly-formed Polish studio Gingerbread has given us a first look at The Protector, its third-person shooter for PC and 360.

It mixes plenty of gun-slinging with plenty of creeping around by casting you as a pair of characters with different ideas of how to tackle a problem - that old chestnut.

These are British mercenary Jonathan Kane who has big biceps and drinks tea, and US archaeologist Jennifer Guile who is clever and wily.

They happen to be former lovers too, so expect plenty of banter and oh maybe a reconciliation. In The Protector they reunite to go on a wild goose chase for some Aztec artefact.

Jennifer's dad gets killed by an organisation called Scarlet Vengeance, so she is the only one who knows its whereabouts. Jonathan thinks she needs a bit of protection.

Cue plenty of Gears of War-style shoot-outs as well as some puzzles and mini-games to spice things up.

We're told you can shoot guns out of enemy hands to disarm them, whereupon they reach for a side arm or run for cover. The usual promise of smart AI is made, with baddies using line-of-sight like real people to judge where you are, which will be useful for sneaking around - something made easier by sticking to the shadows, you'll be surprised to learn.

Physics promises plenty of debris on the battlefield as well as the ability to penetrate thin walls with bullets, and Gingerbread is populating its world with lots of civilians like students, commuters and workers.

You will also come face to face with some mythical Aztec beasties along the way, which sounds intriguing - all while exploring an "enthralling" storyline with two "very different" endings depending on the decisions you make.

Head over to The Protector gallery for the very first shots.

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The Protector

Xbox 360, PC

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