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Prototype delayed until 2009

More time needed to deliver.

Sierra has confirmed its third-person open-world game Prototype has been delayed until next year.

In a statement issued to Eurogamer the publisher said, "Sierra Entertainment and Radical Entertainment have made the decision to shift Prototype to launch in 2009.

"Since its announcement, Prototype has been regarded by many as groundbreaking and taking the open-world genre in new directions, and in the simplest explanation possible, we need more time to deliver the game the team initially set out to create."

In development for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, Prototype was first announced last year and given a 'summer 2008' release date. But now that's changed, and it's not clear exactly when in 2009 the game will now launch.

"Date changes are common in this industry, especially for publishers and developers committed to launching great games," observed Sierra. "Further details on Prototype's 2009 launch timing will be revealed at a later date."

The game certainly looked to be shaping up nicely when we saw it at Sierra's recent Spring Break event - read the full preview for more.