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Sony doing Euro-wide talent search

SingStars sought by men in VW Combi.

Sony has revealed it will be filming a Europe-wide talent search for fresh acts to appear in SingStar.

The presenters, Spencer and Martin, will go under the banner of "Movement" and chug around the continent in a VW Combi.

Sony Europe boss David Reeves unveiled the plans at the Sony PlayStation Day keynote speech just moments ago, and gave us as sneak preview of what to expect.

An animated opening with some words semi-rapped over the top showing an oversized van driving around a miniature landscape. The two blokes doing some gag about some binoculars for spotting talent. Shots of some "talent" in bars, by a waterfall, in a room, all talking in different European languages. Finally some clips of bands in SingStar.

These great "unsigned new acts" will be the first completely fresh content offered in SingStar PS3, which is otherwised dominated by downloadable tracks regurgitated from past iterations in the predominantly PS2-based series.

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