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God of War III to have multiplayer?

Speculative job ad prompts speculation.

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The Internet has decided that God of War III will have multiplayer bits in it after uncovering a Sony America job ad seeking an "online gameplay programmer to join the team behind the critically acclaimed AAA titles God of War and God of War II".

Responsibilities for anyone who gets the job at Sony's Santa Monica studio will include designing, developing and maintaining network game and tools code and implementing network functionality, according to the ad, which was uncovered by Kotaku.

When we spoke to Sony UK about this, a spokesperson said he couldn't comment.

However, scrolling down to the bottom of the job ad (accessible by going to the SCEA jobs page and searching for "online"), there's a message in bold type that says, "This job description may exist simply to gather interest, and may or may not ever become an approved open position."

Stand down, Internet.

For more on what we know about God of War III - not a lot, apart from the fact it's on PS3 - check out our God of War III gamepage.

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