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New DS Lite colours coming this summer

Cooking Guide also due in June.

Nintendo has announced three new DS Lite colours are coming to Europe this summer, along with a new piece of software designed to help you eat.

As of June 13th you'll be able to choose from red, turquoise or green DS Lites, each priced at GBP 99.

The following week will see the arrival of Cooking Guide: Can't Decide What to Eat? It features 250 international dishes of the breakfast, lunch and dinner variety, and teaches you how to cook them step-by-step.

You can search for recipes by country, ingredient, difficulty level or calorie count, amongst other variables. Then the Cooking Guide chef will take you through the cooking process. Because your hands will be all covered in margarine and Marmite and gin, at least that's how it always ends up in our kitchen, you'll progress through each step by speaking into the microphone.

There's also a Cooking A-Z offering lessons on chopping techniques and the like, a glossary of cooking terminology. Plus there's a kitchen timer feature and you can make shopping lists so you don't forget anything at the supermarket. Like the gin.

Cooking Guide: Can't Decide What to Eat? is out on June 20th.