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Sony announces the new Big Phil

Big Shuhei doesn't have the same ring to it.

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We know you all miss Phil Harrison as much as we do, so we thought you'd want to know that Sony has appointed Shuhei Yoshida as president of SCE Worldwide Studios effective 16th May, according to

Yoshida started at SCEI in 1993 and joined SCEA in April 2000 as VP of product development. In February of 2007, he was promoted to senior VP, US Studios, SCE Worldwide Studios, so it's all going well for him.

"SCE WWS has been developing global hit titles, sharing resources and know-how within SCE Group since its foundation, and we will reinforce our software business by further enhancing coordination among the studios under a new leader," said Kazuo Hirai, president and group CEO, SCEI.

"Under the leadership of Yoshida, who has proven track record in managing creative talent, SCE WWS will accelerate the software development for the PlayStation 3 and PSP platforms and vigorously expand the gaming market."

Yoshida replaces Phil Harrison, who left SCE WWS in February to become president of Infogrames.

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