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GTA IV boosts PS3 sales in US

But how much by, exactly?

Sony Computer Entertainment America has announced sales of PlayStation 3 have been boosted in the US following the release of Grand Theft Auto IV.

However, the company hasn't issued any specific figures. Instead there's just a statement from Bob McKenzie, bigwig at top shop GameStop.

"From our position, the launch of GTA IV has been tremendous in driving traffic to our stores, as well as providing a vigorous lift in PS3 console sales over this time last week," McKenzie said.

"We attribute the growth to a huge fan base of PS2 owners who see this title as the trigger for the PS3 upgrade they've been planning."

Meanwhile, leading industry clairvoyant Michael Pachter has been at the tarot again. "I think brand loyalty is going to kick in for Sony, starting today," he said, placing the card marked BRAND LOYALTY on the table.

"There is a huge installed base of loyal PlayStation 2 owners who have been looking for a reason to upgrade, and they have strong previous ties to the Grand Theft Auto franchise on PlayStation platforms."

Remember when GTA was PlayStation-exclusive? Also we've got some other good games honest! So spoke Sony's Peter Dille. Or more specifically: "Grand Theft Auto fans who love the game grew up on PlayStation and we believe that rich heritage will be a deciding factor for many gamers at retail.

"This enthusiasm for GTA IV, combined with the excitement behind Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, Metal Gear Solid 4, LittleBigPlanet, and Resistance 2 will further drive PS3 hardware sales." But Peter, you forgot Afrika!

NPD has yet to release sales figures for GTA IV, but the game has broken records in the UK - with 609,000 copies sold on the first day of release.