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MySims to return this autumn

Set in kings-and-castles fantasy.

EA has trumpeted the return of MySims for Wii and DS this autumn.

MySims Kingdom will be set in a land of kings and castles and wizards and fair maidens, and your job is to rebuild it all into a prosperous fairytale world.

King Roland is relying on you, y'see, as is his daughter Princess Butter and the Wizard Marlon. They all live in The Capital, which will be your early base of operations, but we're promised plenty more lands, characters (some familiar) and contraptions than the original.

The DS version will be based around the same world, but be treated to nine fresh mini-games such as kayaking and ski jumping.

MySims has you inviting Sims to populate your village to increase its reputation. You do tasks for them to keep everybody smiling, but you also have free reign over the town and can rebuild houses out of any old object you pick up from the floor.

We rather liked the original, and described it in our review as a "cuter, more hyperactive Animal Crossing in which you have obsessive-compulsive control over absolutely everything in the town, from who lives there to what their houses look like to their wallpaper to the design of their kitchen sinks".

We preferred the Wii version of the two, but you can pick apart both our MySims Wii and MySims DS reviews elsewhere on Eurogamer.

Meanwhile, pop over to our MySims Kingdom DS and Wii galleries for the first screenshots.