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Wii and DS getting Rubik's game

You'll never beat the robot.

The Game Factory is using the Rubik's Cube as inspiration for a pair of puzzlers on Wii and DS, according to Newsweek.

Rubik's World will be out this autumn and takes you inside the Cube, where it slings all sorts of easy to pick up but difficult to master puzzles at you.

There are games such as constructing 3D shapes or navigating mazes, and apparently you can even make your own soundtrack. A plastic block can't do that. Unless you hum while twisting. Or sing. Or just talk, musically.

The DS version will let you use the wireless connection to link up and play with others, while the Wii has support for you and three friends on one console but its online options limited to accessing a message board from the 1980s.

Which is wear the Rubik's Cube came from, before it turned out to be popular and iconic and stuff. Robots are the only ones who can solve it these days, unless you peel the stickers off and pop them back on in the correct fashion.

Or you can dismantle the Cube and put it back together in the winning formation. This suitably impresses flatmates struggling with the legitimate solution, as we found out.