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Go!View dated for Europe

PSP video on demand in June.

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Sony has revealed that its PSP video on demand service Go!View will be in the UK on 30th June. It will be out for selected countries in mainland Europe next month.

This is the first "official" PSP service of its type in Europe, according to SCEE boss David Reeves, and is a joint venture with broadcaster Sky.

It will be available on a pay-per-view or subscription basis, and lets you download films or telly shows such as drama or sport in five easy steps: log on, choose what you want, use your PC to download it, transfer it to PSP, and then, er, something; presumably watch it.

Sony is also keen to expand this model to the PS3:

"It's also no secret that we'd like to launch a similar service on PS3... So watch this space," added Reeves during his Sony PlayStation Day keynote speech.

Meanwhile, those keen to get telly on their PS3 can always buy the PlayTV box that lets you record your favourite shows to your hard drive while you mow the lawn or watch another show at the same time.

It will cost EUR 99 (around GBP 80) and is out in September. Find out more over at

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