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Premiership football headed to Go!View

Games shrunk into 45-minute PSP clips.

Subscribers to Go!View, the video on-demand service for PSP, will be treated to Barclays Premier League football this week.

Starting on Sunday, Sky Sports games will be crunched into downloadable 45-minute clips showing the best of the action. Highlights of the season Arsenal will win will be available as and when there actually are any.

Go!View Sports subscribers will get the content for free, plus access to other sports such as golf, boxing, tennis, cricket and more.

The Go!View partnership with Sky Sports is non-exclusive, which means broadcasters such as Setanta and BBC or ITV could offer up their coverage at a later date.

Go!View subscriptions cost GBP 5 (EUR 7) for one package, GBP 8 (EUR 11) for two packages, and GBP 10 (EUR 14) for all three. Newcomers will also get one month free.