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One million sign for Age of Conan beta

Funcom reckons it's the biggest ever.

Funcom and Eidos have revealed that over one million of you have signed up for the Age of Conan beta.

The beta only caters for 50,000 of you, apparently, but the rest of you will get a chance to play the full version in just over a week.

"Funcom has not been able to find any higher beta numbers for MMOs in the Western world," said Funcom money-mouth Morten Larssen.

The developer also revealed that more than 800,000 of you have signed up for the Age of Conan newsletter, and 725,000 unique visitors have popped over to the official site to contribute towards 115,000 forum posts.

Age of Conan is out on 23rd May in Europe, although those of you pre-ordering can get in on the action three days early.

It's excitingly close, and you can read all of our coverage to date over on our Age of Conan gamepage.