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Nintendo Wii wins April in the US

But Microsoft is actually slightly ahead.

Nintendo sold 714,200 Wii consoles in the US in April, according to NPD Group data, meaning that the company's lifetime US sales of Wii hardware stand at 9.5 million.

The platform holder attributed this growth in part to the launch of Mario Kart Wii, and with Wii Fit still to launch in the US the company is hoping to continue its "outreach to an expanded audience", in the words of executive marketing person Cammie Dunaway, for the next round of figures.

Microsoft says it sold 188,000 Xbox 360 consoles in the US in April (presumably a rounded figure) according to NPD data, taking its total to 10.1 million overall, while PS3 claimed 187,071 sales in the same period.

But hang on, some of you are saying, weren't we in here yesterday mocking Microsoft for having sold slightly fewer Xbox 360s in the US despite claiming to be the first to hit 10 million US hardware sales?

Embarrassingly, we were. As the update on the original story notes, we misread Nintendo's consolidated financial results to mean 10.6 million had been sold in the US, when in fact it was discussing "The Americas".

The only thing this doesn't explain is why a Microsoft spokesperson then corrected the company's original claim in correspondence with Kotaku by adding the qualifier "high definition" to its claim of current-generation US superiority.

Perhaps they and us should just go and get drunk and forget the whole thing.

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