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EA was biggest publisher in fiscal 2008

Can it fend off Activision Blizzard this year?

Electronic Arts has pat itself on the back for being the biggest publisher across all platforms from April last year to March this year.

Specifically it had a 20 percent share of all game sales in Europe, plus 19 percent of the sales-pie in North America.

Helping it reach those figures were 15 of its games selling more than 2 million copies to reach double-platinum status, which was five more than it managed in its last financial year.

Central to its outlook for the financial year ahead is quality over quantity, the direction silver-haired EA boss Riccitiello decided to take the company in when he took over in February 2007.

Of course, this year EA will face perhaps its largest challenge yet, as Activision and Vivendi merge to become Activision Blizzard.

The deal was given the all-clear by the European Commission back in April, and is expected to complete within the next couple of months.

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