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More plane skins for Ace Combat 6

Take my dosh awaaaaay.

Namco Bandai is lining up yet more downloadable plane skins for Ace Combat 6 fans next Thursday, 29th May, including a few more based on its Japanese-only Idolm@ster videogame series. Excited? Then you'd better load up our Ace Combat 6 screenshots page so you can marvel at them one by one as we talk through the details.

The Idolm@ster Ami/Mami set costs 400 Microsoft Points (GBP 3.40 / EUR 4.80) and allows you to re-skin the F-16C Fighting Falcon as a tribute to Mami Futami, presumably one of the characters in the Idolm@ster game you've never played and never will, and the F-2A as Ami Futami. As with other plane skin-jobs, these consist of some pictures on the wings and adjust things like speed and weapons.

Slightly cheaper are a pair of 300 MS Point (GBP 2.55 / EUR 3.60) packs - the Jungle/Flamingo set, which offers a green version of the F-14D SuperTomcat and a pink A-10A ThunderBoltII, both featuring coloured smoke missiles for showing off at air shows, and the Razgriz Set 04, consisting of Razgriz Squadron mods to the F-22A Raptor, F-117A Night Hawk and Mirage2000-5 to make them more durable.

Then, for 200 MS Points (GBP 1.70 / EUR 2.40), there's a Su-33 done up as a tribute to the same plane in Ace Combat 2, promising "outstanding stability and lack of recoil", although lacking SP weapons, whatever those are.

And finally, there's even a free skin - a Grabacr emblem version of the Su-47, which gets "increased mobility in designated speed zones, but a slight decrease in all other zones". Apparently it's the "signature aircraft of the Belkan Air Force 229th Tactical Fighter Squadron" and was "originally employed as an Osean Federation offensive squadron" that had a tussle with the Razgriz Squadron for the pride of Belka.

We're glad that's over. Check out our Ace Combat 6 gamepage for our review, shots, trailers and some mini-reviews of past downloadables.