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Maybe download some planes

For Ace Combat 6.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Namco Bandai has released six downloadable aeroplanes for downloading on Xbox Live Marketplace download place. Each of them costs 200 Microsoft Points, except the one that costs 400 Microsoft Points, and the other one which is free. So, several of them cost 200 Microsoft Points. Get off my back.

What are the planes then? They are the Mirage2000-5 Scarface Emblem (free), the F-22A Raptor Mobius (200), the F-15E Strike Eagle Cipher (200), I have never been so bored in my entire life, the F-15E Strike Eagle Pixy (200), the A-10A ThunderBoltII Xmas (200) and the F-117A Night Hawk - The Idolmaster Yuhiko (400). Interestingly, the Mobius one is in the press release but not on Major Nelson's DLC update. Actually, that's not interesting.

So, download them, if you want. The game's jolly good, apparently. "Ace Combat 6 can be our wingman any time," said Rob Fahey, evidently having an off day. Is it "the eternal struggle", too, Rob? Perhaps it's a mixed bag? Doesn't know how to use semi-colons either, by the look of it. It's okay - he doesn't know where I live.

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