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E3: Blue Dragon demo on Live

And Stuntman, Surf's Up, AC 6.

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In all the furore of E3 you may have overlooked the release of four new demos for download from Xbox Live.

The first of these is Blue Dragon, weighing in at a hefty 1.1GB of virtual mass. It gives you the chance to try out Microsoft's big JRPG flag-waver in two dungeons, each filled with Mecha Robos and the rather plainly named Ancient Monsters.

It's already been released in Japan and received an alarmingly positive critical reception. However, Rob Fahey wasn't as bowled over when he got to play the game recently. A difference of tastes? Now you can find out.

The full game is due out here on 24th August - pop over to our first impressions of Blue Dragon for more information.

Next up on Live is a demo for smash and crash title Stuntman: Ignition. This taster is a little smaller at 642MB, and lets you pop on your protective gear to try out the thrills and spills of being a Stuntman driver. The full version is out on 31st August and Ellie had a look at it earlier this year. Pop over to her preview to see what she thought.

Meanwhile, a demo of Ace Combat 6 was also released earlier this week - Namco's latest addition to its flight action series. Signed earlier this year by Atari, we've got a bunch of trailers and screenshots of the 360 exclusive for you to enjoy, too. Go see.

Last of the bunch is Surf's Up, the game of the upcoming animated film featuring surfing penguins - which actually looked quite good in the trailer, er, a friend told me. It's 668MB in girth and we have absolutely no idea what to make of it - probably why there's now a demo.

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