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Zenless Zone Zero best Rina build

The best Drive Discs, W-Engines, and teams for Rina.

Close up of Rina posing with her puppet Bangboos in Zenless Zone Zero.
Image credit: HoYoverse

Rina is an S-Rank Electric character with the Support Speciality in Zenless Zone Zero who you get on the Star-Studded Cast Banner, and by losing the 50/50 on a limited-time character's Banner.

You can also pick Rina as your free regular S-Rank character after pulling 300 times on the Star-Studded Cast Banner in Zenless Zone Zero.

As she's such a good Support character, it's good to know the best Rina build in Zenless Zone Zero so you can make the most out of her kit. This includes the best Rina Drive Discs, the best Rina weapon, and the best Rina teams to use.

If it's more general information you're after, then be sure to check out our Rina materials and kit page for details on her Core Passives, what materials you need to Promote her, and what you need to level-up Rina's Skills.

On this page:

Best Rina Build

We have more detailed explanations and alternative picks below, but at a glance, here's what we consider the best Rina build in Zenless Zone Zero:

  • Best Weapon: S-Rank Weeping Cradle.
  • Best Drive Disc Set: 4-piece Swing Jazz and 2-piece Puffer Electro.
  • Best team: Grace and Anton.
Close up of Rina in the character select menu in Zenless Zone Zero.
Image credit: Eurogamer/HoYoverse

How to play Rina

Rina is a simple character to understand, but can be difficult to play in practice if you're not used to speedy character switching. However, she becomes easier to play the more you practise, and it won't take long to get Rina's perfect rhythm down.

With Rina, your goal is to attack with her Drusilla or Anastella puppets as often as possible, but swap to another character during the puppets' attack animations, so you make the most of the squad-wide Penetration Ratio buff the entire team gets when Drusilla or Anastella attack. If you don't swap, Rina's attacks can seem very slow, and you miss out on some easy damage gains.

Rina's Penetration buff ends when Drusilla and Anastella return to her. When this happens, swap to Rina and use an attack to deploy them back on the field. Rinse and repeat this tactic to make the most of Rina's Penetration Ratio-scaling kit!

Rina using her ultimate in Zenless Zone Zero.
Image credit: Eurogamer/HoYoverse

Drusilla and Anastella are used in most of Rina's attacks, but we recommend using her Ex Special and Chain Attack to activate the effect if you can, and her Basic Attack if not. When using a Chain Attack, try to start with your Anomaly or Stun character first, then swap to Rina, then end on your attacker to cause as much increased damage as possible.

Best Rina teams

Cropped promo artworkd of Grace from Zenless Zone Zero posing.
Grace. | Image credit: HoYoverse

Rina' best team is with Grace and Anton, as Grace applies Shock very quickly with her Special Attack, allowing you to build Rina in more of a supportive role and not worry too much about her Shock application, and Anton is currently the best Electro attacker in the game who has a Faction buff with Grace.

As Rina's Penetration Ratio buff is so good, she can actually be used in lots of other teams, but just keep in mind her Core Passive is designed to increase the damage Shocked enemies take, so Electric characters get the biggest boost by having Rina on their squad.

With this in mind, Rina also has a natural synergy with Anby and Billy for free-to-play teams. You'll want to build Rina as more of a Shock applicator in this team, however, which means building Anomaly Proficiency is more important than it usually is.

A Victoria Housekeeping team with Lycaon and Ellen can also work, even though they are Ice characters, as Lycaon and Ellen are so good in their roles together that Rina's Penetration Ratio is just the cherry on top of their DPS capabilities.

Best Rina Drive Discs

We think the 4-piece Swing Jazz is the best Drive Disc set for Rina in Zenless Zone Zero, as its 2-piece increases her Energy Regen, and its 4-piece increases all squad members' damage for 12 seconds when Rina launches a Chain Attack or Ultimate.

Alternatively, you could equip the 4-Piece Freedom Blues Drive Disc set if you want to apply Shock quicker. The 2-piece increases Anomaly Proficiency, and the 4-piece reduces the targets Anomaly Buildup Resistance to her Attribute (Electric). We recommend using this 4-piece over Swing Jazz if you don't have Grace in your team.

Rina's Mindscape Cinema artwork from Zenless Zone Zero.
Image credit: Eurogamer/HoYoverse

As for your 2-piece, we recommend using the Puffer Electro on Rina for its increase to Penetration Ratio, or Swing Jazz or Freedom Blues, depending on what you have equipped as your 4-piece.

Best Rina weapons

S-Rank Weeping Cradle is Rina's best weapon in Zenless Zone Zero because of its passive boost to her Penetration Ratio, and its increase to Rina's Energy Regen when she's off-field. It also enhances the entire squad's damage for three seconds when Rina hits a target. This effect is further increased every 0.5 seconds, but keep in mind repeated triggers only refresh its duration without refreshing the damage increase effect.

Menu view of the Weeping Cradle W-Engine weapon in Zenless Zone Zero.
Weeping Cradle | Image credit: HoYoverse

For A-Rank weapon options, we recommend the Slice of Time for its passive boost to Rina's Penetration Ratio, and buffs to Energy Regen and Decibel generation when any squad member uses a Dodge Counter, EX Special Attack, Assist Attack, or Chain Attack.

Kaboom the Cannon can work if you don't have Slice of Time, as it passively boosts Rina's Energy Regen, and increases the attack of the whole squad when an enemy is hit, stacking up to four times. If you're confident with triggering Attribute Counter effects, then the Unfettered Game Ball is another alternative pick for its Energy Regen and Crit Rate boost for the entire squad.

Until you get one of these options, you can also use the B-Rank Reverb Mark III to boost the squad's attack when Rina uses a Chain Attack or Ultimate, or the Reverb Mark II for its passive Energy Regen boost and buff to Anomaly Mastery and Anomaly Proficiency.

All the best building Rina in Zenless Zone Zero!

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