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How to get Bangboo in Zenless Zone Zero

Plus, how to get Boopon.

zenless zone zero combat bangboo selection screen
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Knowing how to get Bangboo in Zenless Zone Zero will help you bulk out your chosen team depending on which companion you choose. Some Bangboo can give elemental attack boosts to specific characters, while others can inflict substantial AOE attacks that bring down several enemies at once.

These Zenless Zone Zero companions come in different forms and, if you want to, you can spend time collecting all of them so you have multiple choices to take into battle. However, your first job will be finding them!

Without further ado, here's how to get Bangboo in Zenless Zone Zero.

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How to get Bangboo

To get more Combat Bangboo in Zenless Zone Zero you need to use Boopon to pull Bangboo Banners (also known as Signal Searches). However, one Bangboo called Eous will be your Assistant in The Hollow - they are not a Combat Bangboo but they are a great companion.

You'll eventually unlock the Bangboo Channel for Signal Searches during Chapter One: Intermission. After your first big mission in Hollow Zero you'll meet Enzo and Bagboo. Not only does this unlock the ability to upgrade Bangboo, it also unlocks the Channel needed to obtain these companions.

zenless zone zero pulling bangboo menu screen from livestream
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For pulling a Boopon via a Banner (known as a Signal Search) you can use one Boopon for a single Signal Search or use 10 Boopon for 10 Signal Searches.

You are guaranteed at least one A-Rank Bangboo or higher within 10 Signal Searches. Also, you are guaranteed at least one S-Rank Bangboo or higher within 80 Signal Searches.

Currently, you can get 80 extra free Boopon as a 1.0 launch reward, so you can use these free Boopon to guarantee that you'll get yourself at least one S-Rank Bangboo for your team. We recommend doing this as S-Rank Bangboos are, arguably, the most useful ones on our Bangboo list and can provide the best buffs for your team.

How to get Boopon

You can get Boopon for Bangboo Banners in multiple different places:

  • Hollow Zero
  • New Eridu City Fund
  • Bangbuck Exchange - Buy Boopon here
  • Event Rewards

Also, you can get 80 Boopon as a Zenless Zone Zero 1.0 launch reward for a short amount of time, so make sure you redeem it as soon as possible!

Zenless Zone Zero Avocabo Bangboo menu
Image credit: Eurogamer/HoYoverse

That's it for now! If you're looking for more Zenless Zone Zero content then we've also got a page showing you how to upgrade and modify your Bangboo.

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