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Cut voice lines discovered for Elden Ring DLC's final boss

Big spoilers!

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Cut voice lines have been discovered for Elden Ring DLC Shadow of the Erdtree's final boss.

A dataminer discovered the lines in the game's internal files when comparing English and Japanese dialogue and shared to reddit.

The lines themselves don't offer any groundbreaking insight, but it's certainly an interesting decision to cut the lines. Major spoilers for the final boss follow.

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The lines in question are attributed to Radahn, the DLC's final boss, who is completely mute in the final game.

The three lines read: "I am Radahn", "Born of red-maned Radagon, and Rennala of the Full Moon", and "A lion bred for battle".

Cut dialogues from... (DLC Spoilers)
byu/LaMi_1 inEldenRingLoreTalk

Of course, we already know who Radahn is from the base game, so this doesn't add to his character. But the decision to remove the lines does link to his relationship with Miquella.

It might seem strange that Radahn is silent, but my own interpretation is that - as Miquella's Promised Consort - he is essentially Miquella's voiceless puppet. After all, this is the Land of Shadow and a separate realm from the base game where the player already defeated Radahn.

Having Radahn speak would have given him agency away from Miquella's "brainwashing", as a popular fan theory noted by Game Rant suggests.

What's more, the item description for the Remembrance of a God and a Lord acquired by defeating Radahn and Miquella states Miquella saw Radahn's "strength and his kindness". Having Radahn roar that he's "a lion bred for battle" would have undermined this.

Have you finished Shadow of the Erdtree? What did you think of the final boss?

Many players have criticised the DLC for its high difficulty, but in subsequent patches FromSoftware has eased the challenge. Last week the balance of Shadow Realm Blessings was revised, while yesterday a couple of bosses were tweaked to make them easier.

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