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Frontier officially announces Planet Coaster 2, now with water parks

Splash mountain.

Planet Coaster screenshot showing a surfboard themed rollercoaster
Image credit: Frontier

Frontier has officially announced Planet Coaster 2, the sequel to its popular theme park management game.

The studio has been teasing news for the past couple of days on its Twitch channel, with an ongoing stream of park noises. Now it's shown a short in-engine teaser and revealed water parks will be a major new inclusion.

The game will be released this autumn, with a full gameplay reveal set for 31st July.

Planet Coaster 2 | Announcement TrailerWatch on YouTube

Players will be able to create lazy rivers, flumes, wave pools, and water coasters, plus changing rooms, sunbeds and lifeguards will be required.

The sequel will also include enhanced tools that build on its predecessor, to allow players to create rollercoasters piece-by-piece, as well as enhanced pathing tools, and an enhanced event sequencer tool to combine animatronics, smoke, water jets, sound and more.

The game will consist of three modes: Career mode to complete various scenarios; Franchise mode to build a global park network; and a freestyle Sandbox mode.

Planet Coaster 2 screenshot showing character jumping into a pool
Planet Coaster 2 screenshot showing wide view of a water park
Image credit: Frontier

Players will also be able to visit other players' parks to test their rides, compete in the Franchise mode leaderboard, or share building responsibilities in Sandbox mode one at a time. Blueprints and full parks will also be available in the Frontier Workshop.

Planet Coaster 2 will launch across PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. New details will be revealed on the last Wednesday of each month ahead of release during Frontier Unlocked livestreams.

The first Planet Coaster was released in 2016 and proved immensely popular for its detailed creation tools. Frontier followed this with Planet Zoo in 2019, as well as two Jurassic World Evolution games.

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