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The Witcher 3 mod adds character customisation and magic-wielding sorceress class

Finally, playable Yennefer!

Close up of Yennefer, the raven-haired sorceress, from The Witcher 3
Image credit: CD Projekt Red

An impressive new mod for The Witcher 3 lets players customise their own character and even wield magic as a sorceress.

Modder nikich340 has been working on the Custom Player Characters mod for two-and-a-half years and it's now available on NexusMods (thanks IGN).

The mod allows players to create a custom character instead of protagonist Geralt, choosing between a Witcher, a Witcheress, and even a Sorceress with a new magic combat system and questline.

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While it's not a full character creator in the traditional sense, the mod essentially takes body elements from all NPCs and allows players to mix and match to style their own character.

Players can then choose between three classes. The Witcher will play the same as Geralt, while the Witcheress is the same but with a female character. So yes, you could re-skin the character as Ciri for the entire game, or a more custom character.

Perhaps most interesting, though, is the Sorceress class, which not only includes a brand new magic combat system but a unique questline to unlock skills. Yes, that means you can finally play through The Witcher 3 as Yennefer (or Triss, if you really must).

Oh, and on top of blasting enemies with lightning, you can transform into a cat!

Animations have been tweaked for female characters, plus - through a separate mod - female voice lines can be added in.

In short, it's a very cool mod that will satisfy wish fulfilment for some players looking for a Geralt alternative. You can see it all in action in the video below.

The Witcher 3 "Custom Player Characters" ModWatch on YouTube

The mod arrives shortly after the release of REDkit, The Witcher 3's official mod editor that's now available for all on Steam.

As for what's next from The Witcher team, CD Projekt Red confirmed the medallion in its tease of the next game is from the Lynx School - but what could that mean?

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