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Sorry, you can no longer send your Wii U in for repair

Nintendo has run out of spare parts worldwide.

Nintendo will no longer repair your Wii U anywhere in the world, the company has today said.

The Japanese repair service for Wii U had still been running until this week, following the closure of customer service for the console elsewhere. But, as of yesterday, 3rd July, the company has now officially run out of spare parts.

Nintendo's confirmation today via social media marks another closed chapter for Wii U, the company's unloved and underselling console that preceded Nintendo Switch. In total, Wii U shifted 13m consoles. At the last count, Switch had sold 141m.

Stranded on Wii U: The Best Games Never Ported To Switch.Watch on YouTube

Last year, Nintendo shuttered the Wii U's eShop, meaning owners could no longer buy digital games. Earlier this year, Nintendo also pulled the plug on Wii U's online servers, rendering online multiplayer impossible.

For now, you can still download previously-purchased games and receive game updates.

Eurogamer previously took a look at the games stranded on Wii U - those without disc-based versions which are now unavailable to buy completely, as well as Nintendo games yet to get Switch ports (and yes, that does include Zelda: Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD).

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