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Zenless Zone Zero W-Engines explained

Plus, how to get and apply W-Engines.

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Image credit: HoYoverse

W-Engines in Zenless Zone Zero are a key component of helping your character get stronger. You will need specific materials (a lot of them), W-Engine-related items and a bit of patience to upgrade them to their full potential.

However, your first task will be finding these Zenless Zone Zero components and then figuring out what to do with them. Don't worry though, we're here to explain everything.

With that in mind, here's our W-Engines explainer, including how to get W-Engines, and how to apply them.

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What are W-Engines?

W-Engines are an item that can be equipped to characters to increase their stats in Zenless Zone Zero. You can only equip one W-Engine to each character at a time, so we recommend being quite selective and taking your time when choosing which one to use.

All W-Engines increase the Base Attack of the character its equipped to as well as having its own unique stat boost and W-Engine effect (a special effect essentially). You'll be able to see an Engine's unique effects either when you're about to purchase one, or when it's in your equipment inventory.

zenless zone zero w-engine perks and qualities in equipment inventory menu
Image credit: Eurogamer/HoYoverse

Also, if an Agent is equipped with an Exclusive W-Engine, they can then activate it via the W-Engine Switch. Once this has been turned on the Agent in question can use a unique appearance in combat situations. It can also be toggled on and off as you want to once the W-Engine switch has been activated.

How to get W-Engines

Currently, there are a couple of different ways you can get W-Engines in Zenless Zone Zero:

  • Buy them at Box Galaxy (a Gadget Shop in New Eridu City)
  • Complete Proxy Primers
  • Recycle W-Engines at Box Galaxy.
  • Pull them through the W-Engine Banners.

You need Dennies, W-Engine Chips and specific materials (this is unique to each W-Engine) to purchase one at the shop. W-Engine Chips are obtained by completing Notorious Hunts, completing Hollow missions, or through recycling high-ranking W-Engines.

zenless zone zero buy wengine menu in gadget shop
This is the Buy menu at Box Galaxy. | Image credit: Eurogamer/HoYoverse

How to apply W-Engines

To apply a W-Engine to your chosen character you need to enter the character's menu via the menu and selecting 'Agents'. Here, pick out the Agent you want to add the W-Engine to.

From the screen this takes you to, select the 'Equipment' option and you'll be shown a flower-shaped device on the right side of your screen. Click on this.

zenless zone zero agent equipment menu w-engine slot highlighted
Image credit: Eurogamer/HoYoverse

On the next menu you're taken to, select the center of this device (known as the Core) and a list of the W-Engines you own will appear on the left side of the screen.

zenless zone zero equip wengine to agent menu
Image credit: Eurogamer/HoYoverse

All you need to do now is choose the W-Engine you want to apply to this Agent and confirm your selection by clicking 'Equip' in the bottom right corner of your screen.

That's it for now! If you want more Zenless Zone Zero help then check out our page showing you how to upgrade and modify W-Engines.

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