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Nintendo fans believe The Medium developer behind bizarre Switch horror

It's-a-me, Emio.

Emio teaser showing a smiling face on a paper bag worn by a man in a coat.
Image credit: Nintendo

Nintendo fans keen to find out more details on yesterday's unexplained horror game teaser Emio believe The Medium and Layers of Fear developer Bloober is behind the project.

There are clues that Bloober is involved in a recently-published interview with company boss Piotr Babieno, fans say. In it, Babieno discusses a mysterious title "for Nintendo platforms" codenamed "Project M".

"Project M, although its budget is significantly smaller than the games we are working on at Bloober Team, is extremely important due to our long-term plans," Babieno told Polish site Strefa Inwestorow.

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"In addition, we are working on it in cooperation with the world's best game creators for Nintendo platforms, so we cannot afford to create just a decent game."

Is Project M the mysterious Emio? A developer such as Bloober being on board would seem more likely than this being an internal Nintendo project. And what about that reference to Nintendo platforms, plural? Is this a cross-gen project for Switch and Switch 2? Babieno goes on to note that the project will be fully unveiled later this year.

For now, fans have been left to wait for more clues. Eurogamer asked Nintendo for more details on the project yesterday, but is yet to hear back.

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