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Waterfall Noodle Shop location in Zenless Zone Zero

Plus, how to unlock General Chop's Shop and all recipe buffs.

zenless zone zero waterfall noodle shop
Image credit: Eurogamer/HoYoverse

The Waterfall Noodle Shop in Zenless Zone Zero is a key location to visit in the city. Here, you can spend your hard earned Dennies (in-game money) on delicious dishes that will have some pretty handy positive effects on your team the next time you go into battle.

However, just like the other Zenless Zone Zero Stores, the Noodle Shop isn't immediately open when you first get a taste of New Eridu City.

On that note, we're here to show you the Waterfall Noodle Shop Location, all stock and buffs, and how to unlock the Waterfall Noodle Shop in Zenless Zone Zero.

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Waterfall Noodle Shop location

The Waterfall Noodle Shop will be on your right as you exit Random Play, it's directly opposite the Arcade in New Eridu City.

zenless zone zero general chop behind counter in waterfall noodle shop
Image credit: Eurogamer/HoYoverse

How to unlock Waterfall Noodle Shop

You'll unlock the Waterfall Noodle Shop early in Chapter One of Zenless Zone Zero's main story by completing the 'Logistics Disaster' Combat Commission. General Chop is the one that posted this task, when it appears speak to him at the shop and then, once the commission has been completed, he will open the store!

zenless zone zero logistics disaster combat commission pop up
Image credit: Eurogamer/HoYoverse

Waterfall Noodle Shop Stock and Buffs

Once he's opened his story, General Chop offers a wide variety of dishes that will give your team a buff that lasts for three battles following consumption. If you want to change the buff that's in effect, then after one battle you can go back to the store to eat a new dish and then the new buffs will be applied instead.

Here are all of the recipes and buffs you can currently buy at the Waterfall Noodle Shop:

Noodle Dish Buff Unlock Level Cost (Dennies)
Vegetable Noodles
  • Atk +30
When the shop unlocks! 1,800
Pumpkin Soup Noodles
  • HP +15%
  • Physical DMG +15%
Level 20 2,500
Fried BBQ Noodles
  • HP +15%
  • Ether DMG +15%
Level 20 2,500
Red Chilli Meat Noodles
  • HP +15%
  • Fire DMG +15%
Level 20 2,500
Green Pepper Meat Noodles
  • HP +15%
  • Electric DMG +15%
Level 20 2,500
Seafood Noodles
  • HP +15%
  • Ice DMG +15%
Level 20 2,500
Mushroom Noodles
  • Physical
  • DMG +30%
Level 30 5,000
Smoked BBQ Noodles
  • Ether DMG +30%
Level 30 5,000
Red Chilli Chicken Noodles
  • Fire DMG +30%
Level 30 5,000
Green Pepper Chicken Noodles
  • Electric DMG +30%
Level 30 5,000
Fresh Iced Noodles
  • Ice DMG +30%
Level 30 5,000
Cold Noodles
  • HP +30%
Level 30 5,000
Bone Broth Noodles
  • DMG against Boss enemies +30%
Level 30 5,000
zenless zone zero waterfall noodle shop purchase noodles menu
Image credit: Eurogamer/HoYoverse

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