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Zenless Zone Zero best Grace build

The best Drive Discs, W-Engines, and teams for Grace.

Grace holding one of her electric grenades up in Zenless Zone Zero.
Image credit: HoYoverse

Grace is an S-Rank Electric character with the Anomaly Speciality in Zenless Zone Zero who you get on the Star-Studded Cast Banner, and by losing the 50/50 on a limited-time character's Banner.

You can also pick Grace as your free regular S-Rank character after pulling 300 times on the Star-Studded Cast Banner in Zenless Zone Zero.

Whether you have her, or plan on picking her, it's good to know the best Grace build in Zenless Zone Zero so you can make the most out of her kit. This includes the best Grace Drive Discs, the best Grace weapon, and the best Grace teams to use.

If it's more general information you're after, then be sure to check out our Grace materials and kit page for details on her Core Passives, what materials you need to Promote her, and what you need to level-up Grace's Skills.

On this page:

Best Grace Build

We have more detailed explanations and alternative picks below, but at a glance, here's what we consider the best Grace build in Zenless Zone Zero:

  • Best Weapon: S-Rank Fusion Compiler.
  • Best Drive Disc Set: 4-piece Freedom Blues and 2-piece Hormone Punk.
  • Best team: Rina and Anton.
Grace from Zenless Zone Zero in the character selection menu.
Image credit: Eurogamer/HoYoverse

How to play Grace

Your goal with Grace is to Shock enemies as quickly as possible, so you can swap to your main damage dealer and apply additional Shock damage every time they hit an enemy. There are two ways to apply Grace's Shock quickly:

  1. Spam her regular Special Attack.
  2. Build up eight Zap stacks with her Basic Attack and Dash Attack, then use a regular or EX Special Attack to increase the accumulated Electric Anomaly Buildup.

The more you level-up Grace's Core Passive skills, the better the second option becomes. You can also combine the two playstyles and weave in the three different attacks to build Zap stacks while also using her regular Special Attack.

Grace kneeling down with her back turned to an enemy, applying Shock to them in her Zenless Zone Zero character demo.
Image credit: HoYoverse

To make use of Grace's special Passive buff when another Electric or Belobog character is on the team, make sure to try and use Grace's EX Special Attack before applying Shock in order to increase the Shock damage enemies take. This effect can stack up to two times, and each enemy can trigger it once per use, but it resets when the Shock effect ends.

Just remember to swap back to Grace when the Shock effect ends to reapply it, and you've mastered her core kit abilities as a sub DPS support.

Best Grace teams

Cropped view of Rina posing in Zenless Zone Zero.
Rina. | Image credit: HoYoverse

Grace's best team is with Rina and Anton, as Rina provides a team-wide Penetration Ratio boost when her puppets are on the field, and Anton is currently the best Electro attacker in the game who also has a Faction buff with Grace.

If you don't have Rina and Anton (or don't want to use them), Grace can still be good in a team with other Electric and Belobog characters. Pairing her with Anby isn't a bad choice, as Stun characters are invaluable, and Anby has the Electric Attribute, meaning she can activate Grace's bonus Core Passive. Koleda and Grace can make a super Anomaly team by applying Shock and Burn to trigger the Disorder reaction, but it's not the best Anomaly team out there, as you need Ben in the last slot to make Koleda the best she can be. This means you would have to use Grace or Koleda in more of an attacker role to make up for the lack of proper Attack character.

Grace can also be used in teams without Electric or Belobog squadmates if you want some additional Shock damage while she's off-field, but just keep in mind that she might not be the best choice if you have a similar character of a different Attribute or Faction that synergises with the team more.

Best Grace Drive Discs

We think the 4-piece Freedom Blues is the best Drive Disc set for Grace in Zenless Zone Zero, as its 2-piece increases Anomaly Proficiency, and its 4-piece reduce the targets Anomaly Buildup Resistance to Grace's Attribute (Electric) for eight seconds.

As Grace already has low Energy costs, Swing Jazz isn't as useful on her as it is on other characters, so we recommend equipping Hormone Punk as Grace's 2-piece Drive Disc set for its 10% attack increase. If you're struggling to activate her EX Special Attack while playing Grace, however, then swap to the 2-piece Swing Jazz.

Grace's Mindscape Cinema artwork from Zenless Zone Zero.
Image credit: Eurogamer/HoYoverse

Best Grace weapons

S-Rank Fusion Compiler is Grace's best weapon in Zenless Zone Zero because of its passive Penetration Ratio increase, its boost to her attack, and Anomaly Proficiency when Grace uses a Special Attack or EX Special Attack - a core move in Grace's kit. This effect lasts for eight seconds, and can stack three times.

Menu view of the Fusion Compiler W-Engine weapon in Zenless Zone Zero.
Fusion Compiler. | Image credit: HoYoverse

For A-Rank weapon options, we recommend Electro-Lip Gloss for its passive Anomaly Proficiency boost, and buff to Grace's attack when enemies inflicted with Attribute Anomaly on the field - also a core move in Grace's kit. Rainforest Gourmet can work if you don't have Electro-Lip Gloss, but it's a bit harder to time with Grave's EX Special Attack usage, meaning its attack buff doesn't last as long as it seems. Roaring Ride isn't a bad choice either, but its random buff nature means it can be harder to master.

If you're running a Disorder team with Grace, or her Electric squadmates have quick Shock application, then Grace's second best A-Rank option is actually Weeping Gemini, as it buffs Grace's Anomaly Proficiency up to four times when a squad member inflicts an Attribute Anomaly on an enemy. Just remember that this effect expires when the target recovers from Stun, or is defeated.

Until you get one of these options, you can also use the B-Rank Magnetic Storm Alpha for its attack and Anomaly Mastery boosts, or the Magnetic Storm Bravo for its Anomaly Proficiency boost.

All the best building Grace in Zenless Zone Zero!

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