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How to unlock Notorious Hunts in Zenless Zone Zero

Plus, Notorious Hunts and rewards explained.

Notorious Hunts in Zenless Zone Zero are, essentially, weekly target elimination challenges you can take part in at Scott Outpost, just outside Hollow Zero.

These Hunt's targets refresh each week in Zenless Zone Zero, then a new set will appear and you can challenge yourself (and your Agents) to take them on. However, as with most things in and around New Eridu, you will need to put some work in before you can unlock them.

Without further ado, we're here to explain Notorious Hunts in Zenless Zone Zero and exactly how to unlock them.

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How to unlock Notorious Hunts

We unlocked Notorious Hunt after completing Chapter 2: A call from the Hollow's Heart, reaching at least an Inter-Knot Level of 26 and upgrading at least one Agent to Level 30.

Once you've unlocked Notorious Hunts and opened the Bardic Needle Music store, you'll then be able to return to Scott Outpost the next day. Once there, go to Scott Outpost and speak to Ophelia to find out their group is hunting notorious ethereals (see where the name comes from?).

zenless zone zero wise talking to ophelia

Notorious Hunts explained

Each Notorious Hunt will consist of only one target Ethereal - none of its buddies are going to show up to bombard you while you're focused on fighting. That being said, the Notorious Ethereal target will be a high-level enemy and can be tricky to defeat without proper preparation.

There's a weekly limit to the number of exclusive rewards your squad can earn from taking part in Notorious Hunts. You can see the time left until the Notorious Hunts reset in the bottom left corner of the screen when you enter the main Hunt menu or once you've picked what Hunt you want to do:

zenless zone zero notorious hunt season rest countdown

Also, there are a limited number of attempts you can make when taking on Notorious Hunts. If you run out of attempts, then you can try out the additional missions instead - Dennies are offered as compensation rewards.

On the Notorious Hunt screen you'll see the card for the target Ethereal on the left. Then, the weaknesses of the target will be listed on the right side of the screen. Pay attention to this, as this will tell you what attributes your Agents should ideally have before going into the Hollow.

zenless zone zero notorious hunt weaknesses

Also, in the description box just below the weaknesses bar are the special effects you may notice during the Hunt and, sometimes, the types of Resonia on offer.

zenless zone zero notorious hunt special effects box

As always, your rewards for completing this task successfully are at the bottom of this information menu.

zenless zone zero notorious hunt completion rewards

In the top right corner of the screen you can adjust the level of the challenges you're undertaking, however the current minimum level is 30.

zenless zone zero notorious hunt challenge level selection

All you need to do next is pick your team, enter battle and survive to the end to bring your targets down to get your rewards!

zenless zone zero billy kid in notorious hunt battle

How to find Notorious Hunt Weekly Challenges

When you enter the Notorious Hunt console at Scott Base, look in the bottom left corner of your screen. There will be an icon here - select it or use the prompted command to open this small menu.

Here, you'll be able to see a list of the challenges for the current Hunt week and the rewards you can obtain for completing them. You can also claim any rewards here that you've earned.

zenless zone zero notorious hunt reward challenge menu

Remember, the countdown timer next to this icon shows you how long you've got left with the current weekly challenges.

That's it for now! If you're looking for more Zenless Zone Zero content check out our pages showing you the best Ellen build, best Rina build and best Koleda build.

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