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How to Reroll in Zenless Zone Zero

Don't like who you've pulled? Reroll if you want to!

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Rerolling in Zenless Zone Zero is, essentially, the process of trying again after you've used up all of your existing character pulls and you perhaps didn't get the desired results on the first attempt.

Now, there are pros and cons for doing this for Zenless Zone Zero and, ultimately, its value entirely depends on what you want to gain from the process. It's worth taking time to think about what exactly you hope to get from this before you start to do it.

On that note, here's how to Reroll in Zenless Zone Zero.

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How to Reroll in Zenless Zone Zero

To Reroll in Zenless Zone Zero you need to be prepared to make multiple e-mail accounts, the exact amount depends on how many times you want to Reroll. If you're going to do this then we do recommend making e-mail accounts that are dedicated to this purpose.

You'll need to do this because you need a new HoYoverse account each time you want to Reroll in Zenless Zone Zero. It used to be possible to have guest accounts but this is no longer possible. You cannot Reroll on an existing account if you've already started playing.

This also means that if you're playing another HoYoverse game on one account, such as Genshin Impact, and plan to Reroll with another, you cannot have your existing game progress for Genshin on the account you'll use to Reroll Zenless Zone Zero. So, be careful.

Once you've got one or several e-mails ready, and you're sure you want to, here's how to Reroll in Zenless Zone Zero:

  1. Log into Zenless Zone Zero with a new e-mail to make a new account.
  2. Go through the beginning (again) to get to the point you can start pulling characters.
  3. Start doing character pulls as soon as you can do them.
  4. Log out again and log in with a new e-mail, then rinse and repeat (if you want to).
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Is it worth Rerolling in Zenless Zone Zero?

The answer is both yes and no, it depends entirely on your reasons for doing Rerolls.

If you're Rerolling because you have a specific Agent or Agents in mind that you want to obtain to add yo your team's roster then yes, Rerolling can be worth it if you've got the patience and enough e-mail addresses to keep going until you've gotten the ones you want.

However, if you're doing Rerolls just to get any high-ranking character then all of the effort may not be worth it. At the time of writing, you are guaranteed an S-Rank character within 50 character pulls - so you will get one eventually.

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That's all for now! If you want more Zenless Zone Zero content then check out our 1.0 Banner Page, our release times page or our preload time page.

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