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This 1050W Cooler Master MWE 80+ Gold PSU is £90 off at Stormforce Gaming

A lot of power for a good price.

If you're someone that's building a beefy gaming rig, you're going to need a PSU with a lot of power to hand. Usually PSUs over 1000W can cost a fair bit of money, but at the moment, this deal on an option from Stormforce Gaming brings you a reliable Cooler Master unit for £90 off its list price.

1050W of power is enough for powering even some of the beefiest of systems. It's above the recommended wattage for most 'standard' RTX 4090 offerings, apart from some overclocked models which have a 1000W minimum, while everything underneath that from both Nvidia and AMD will be more than adequate. For the RX 7900 XTX, the recommendation is a bare minimum of 750W, so 1050W gives you more than enough headroom. If it's also any further proof of its efficiency and how solid this PSU is, this specific MWE variant is Tier-B rated on the Cultists PSU Tier List (formerly of LTT Forums).

This Cooler Master unit is a reliable 80+ Gold rated unit, which is is testament to its efficiency, and also provides peace of mind, too. In addition, it is fully modular, which makes building with it a lot easier than having to deal with the added cable clutter of a non-modular option. It also comes with a 10 year warranty which is excellent, while a 140mm fan inside helps to ensure quiet operation. Oh, and before I go - if this 1050W option isn't enough, then there is also a reduction on the 1250W variant of the same PSU for £130 from Stormforce - that saves £90 on its £220 list price.

If you want to grab a beefy PSU for a solid price, this Cooler Master MWE 1050W offering from Stormforce Gaming is well worth your time.

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