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Vampire Survivors coming to Apple Arcade ad-free this August

Includes two DLC expansions.

Official Vampire Survivors art showing a red-eyed vampire next to his identical vampire friend, who is upside down.
Image credit: Poncle

Vampire Survivors, the minimalist survival RPG from developer Poncle, is joining Apple Arcade in August, along with Temple: Run Legends and Vision Pro update for Castle Crumble.

Vampire Survivors has, of course, been available on iOS as a free-to-play release for some time, but its Apple Arcade version (Apple Arcade being Apple's £6.99/month game subscription service for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV) will be ad-free and include some paid DLC.

Specifically, Vampire Survivors+ (the '+' being Apple's way of denoting a game has previously been available on its App Store, usually with in-app purchases) will bundle in its Legacy of the Moonspell and Tides of the Foscari paid expansions. Whether the game's Emergency Meeting and Operation Guns DLC, both currently available for Vampire Survivors non-Apple Arcade release, will show up for subscribers at a later date isn't yet clear.

Vampire Survivors' Tides of the Foscari DLC is included on Apple Arcade.Watch on YouTube

Vampire Survivors+ joins Apple Arcade on 1st August, and it'll be accompanied by Temple Run: Legends. This new version of the popular endless runner is the first game in the series to introduce levels, and will feature 500 of the things in story mode, alongside 10 different playable characters, leaderboards and achievements support, plus special events. Oh, and there's an endless mode if you start to feel nostalgic.

And finally for August's Apple Arcade additions, albeit arriving later on 29th August, there's that Castle Crumble update for Apple's Vision Pro mixed reality headset. The core game is a physics-based puzzler in which players attempt to destroy castles across different eras - including Ancient, Medieval, and Aztec - by flinging spells and explosives at them. The Vision Pro version is that but in "spatial" form, enabling players to "tear down fantastical castles with every swish and flick of their fingers, and in any physical space they desire."

So yes, Apple Arcade subscribers can expect the above to join the service's approximately 200-strong games catalogue this August.

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