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Zenless Zone Zero best Soldier 11 build

The best Drive Discs, W-Engines, and teams for Soldier 11.

Soldier 11 pointing her sword very close to the camera in Zenless Zone Zero.
Image credit: HoYoverse

Soldier 11 is an S-Rank Fire character with the Attack Speciality in Zenless Zone Zero who you get on the Star-Studded Cast Banner, and by losing the 50/50 on a limited-time character's Banner.

You can also pick Soldier 11 as your free regular S-Rank character after pulling 300 times on the Star-Studded Cast Banner in Zenless Zone Zero.

Whether you have her, or plan on picking her, it's good to know the best Soldier 11 build in Zenless Zone Zero so you can make the most out of her kit. This includes the best Soldier 11 Drive Discs, the best Soldier 11 weapon, and the best Soldier 11 teams to use.

If it's more general information you're after, then be sure to check out our Soldier 11 materials and kit page for details on her Core Passives, what materials you need to Promote her, and what you need to level-up Soldier 11's Skills.

On this page:

Best Soldier 11 Build

We have more detailed explanations and alternative picks below, but at a glance, here's what we consider the best Soldier 11 build in Zenless Zone Zero:

  • Best Weapon: S-Rank The Brimstone.
  • Best Drive Disc Set: 4-piece Inferno Metal and 2-piece Swing Jazz.
  • Best team: Koleda and Ben.
zenless zone zero soldier 11 in agent menu doing dynamic pose.
Image credit: Eurogamer/HoYoverse

How to play Soldier 11

Soldier 11 may seem hard to play at first, but once you've done her Basic Attack combo enough times, you will get into the rhythm of her unique attack pattern.

Your goal with Soldier 11 is to trigger her Fire Suppression Core Passive as often as possible. To do this, you need to perform a very precise four hit combo, or hit an enemy after performing a successful dodge.

To perform Soldier 11's Fire Suppression attack combo, you need to time the tapping of your Basic Attacks just right. For most players, this means slowing down their attacks. It's roughly half a second between your four taps, but a better way to get used to the timing is to listen out for audio cues.

The first cue is the sound of a regular sword slash, the second sounds like a gunshot/sharp wind, and the third sounds like a whip. When you hear these sound effects, press the attack button to master Soldier 11's combo timing.

We recommend watching YouTuber MyBed Ch's video below for a short tutorial on these sound effects:

Video credit: MyBed Ch on YouTube.Watch on YouTube

The only other thing you really need to consider when playing Soldier 11 is that she deals more damage against Stunned enemies, and that after activating her Ex Special Attack and Ultimate, all of Soldier 11's Basic Attacks and Dash Attacks trigger Fire Suppression for up to 15 seconds, or eight times (whatever comes first).

Best Soldier 11 teams

Koleda from Zenless Zone Zero posing.
Koleda. | Image credit: HoYoverse

Soldier 11's best team is with Koleda and Ben, but Lucy can slot into Ben's position without a huge loss in team synergy.

Koleda is highly recommended to run alongside her because Soldier 11 gets a Fire damage boost when attacking Stunned enemies, and Koleda is a Fire stun Character. Ben boosts the damage of most of Koleda's attacks, and the Daze multiplier on her Basic Attack - which is why he's such a good character to use with Koleda.

The reason using Lucy instead of Ben isn't such a huge loss, however, is because of her team-wide attack buff and sub DPS capabilities. This can make up for Koleda's missing Ben boost, as long as Lucy is built correctly.

If you don't have Koleda, we recommend using another Stun character in her place, like Lycaon or Anby. Just keep in mind that in the future, another Fire or Obols Squad Faction character with Stun capabilities will work better with Soldier 11 than Lycaon or Anby.

Also, remember that if you don't have another Fire or Obols Squad character on your Soldier 11 team, her additional Core Passive won't activate, meaning Soldier 11 won't get a boost to her Fire damage when an enemy is Stunned. Worth keeping in mind if you don't have certain characters and are forced to build an alternative team.

For example, using Anby and Soldier 11 doesn't work as well if your third character isn't Fire or from the Obols Squad Faction, as Anby's Electric stun capabilities (and Cunning Hares Faction alignment) won't activate Soldier 11's additional Core Passive.

Best Soldier 11 Drive Discs

We think the 4-piece Inferno Metal is the best Drive Disc set for Soldier 11 in Zenless Zone Zero, as its 2-piece increases Fire damage, and its 4-piece increases Soldier 11's Crit Rate for eight seconds when she hits a Burning enemy. As your goal with Soldier 11 is to use her Fire attacks as often as possible, this is a very achievable prerequisite for such a strong buff.

You could also use the 4-piece Hormone Punk set for its general attack buff if it has better substats.

zenless zone zero soldier 11 mindscape cinema
Image credit: Eurogamer/HoYoverse

As for your 2-piece Drive Disc set, you should use Hormone Punk, Inferno Metal, Puffer Electro (for its increase to Penetration Ratio), or 2-piece Swing Jazz (for its Energy Regeneration) - depending on what you have as your 4-piece. Generally, we recommend using whatever has the best substats.

Best Soldier 11 weapons

We think S-Rank The Brimstone is Soldier 11's best weapon in Zenless Zone Zero because of its passive boost to her attack, and stackable increase to her attack when Soldier 11 uses a Basic Attack, Dash Attack, or Dodge Counter.

Menu view of The Brimstone W-Engine weapon in Zenless Zone Zero.
The Brimstone. | Image credit: HoYoverse

You can technically also use S-Rank Steel Cushion as a Crit Rate 'stat stick', but a fully upgraded A-Rank Starlight Engine is actually just as good for its great boost to Soldier 11's attack when she uses a Dodge Counter or Quick Assist.

Street Superstar is an alternate A-Rank option if your squad is performing a lot of Chain Attacks and you focus on unleashing Soldier 11's Ultimate, as is Cannon Rotor, as long as Soldier 11's Crit Rate is relatively high, as it increases her damage when landing a Crit Hit.

Until you get one of these options, you can also use the B-Rank Lunar Pleniluna, which increases Soldier 11's damage when she uses her Basic Attack, Dash Attack, or Dodge Counter. Or, the Lunar Decrescent to increase Soldier 11's damage after she performs a Chain Attack.

All the best building Soldier 11 in Zenless Zone Zero!

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