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How to get Drive Discs in Zenless Zone Zero

Plus, Tuning and Bardic Music store levels explained.

zenless zone zero belle outside bardic needle music store
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Drive Discs in Zenless Zone Zero are key components when it comes to making your character stronger and customising their stats to suit your needs.

Unlike some other stat boosting items in Zenless Zone Zero, each character has multiple slots for Drive Discs so you've got more opportunities to play around with increasing specific parts of your character.

Here's our guide showing you how to get Drive Discs in Zenless Zone Zero. Plus, we explain Drive Disc Tuning, Tuning levels, and how to customise Tuning Orientation at Bardic Music.

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What are Drive Discs?

Drive Discs are an item that's used to increase an Agent's base stats in Zenless Zone Zero. You can equip up to six Drive Discs to a single Agent through the 'Equipment' section in their Agent menu:

zenless zone zero drive disc agent equipment menu
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If you collect and equip the required number of Drive Discs from the same set, you'll unlock their 'Set Effect' which is usually a significant stat boost or boosts.

zenless zone zero shockstar disco drive disc set rewards
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How to get Drive Discs

You can get Drive Discs by Tuning at or Dismantling Drive Discs the Bardic Needle music store in New Eridu City, which is directly opposite Random Play.

You can also get Drive Discs by completing Routine Cleanup stages. However, you need to be at least Inter-Knot Level 26 to complete the Chapter Two 'Trace to the Source' Story Commission. You'll receive a message from Roland soon after. Go to Scott Outpost and speak with him inside the tent to unlock the Cleanup mode.

zenless zone zero routine clean up drive disc rewards
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Drive Disc Tuning explained

You can Tune Drive Discs at the Bardic Needle Music Store in New Eridu City (which is essentially just obtaining them). You should automatically be on the 'Tuning' tab when you enter the store. The ranks you can get will depend on the Tuning Level of the shop.

Here is how much Tuning costs at the Beginner Tuning level:

  • Five Hi-Fi Master Copies - One Drive Disc.
  • 50 Hi-Fi Master Copies - Ten Drive Discs.

Tuning costs will alter depending on the level you want to Tune at, for example Intermediate Tuning costs more than Beginner Tuning will.

zenless zone zero bardic music store tuning options
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How to customise Tuning Orientation

Customising your Tuning Orientation will increase the chance that you'll get the Drive Disc or Discs that you want from a Tune or Tuning batch.

Select 'Track Settings' from the box on the left side of the menu in the bottom right corner of the screen:

zenless zone zero tuning orientation settings option in bardic music store
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On the next screen you'll have multiple options for the Disc Orientation, and beneath these options will be a description of exactly what the Orientation is or will do.

Then, all you have to do is simply select the Orientation you want to use for that Tuning set by clicking on it.

Tuning Levels explained

The music store will level up when certain Inter-Knot levels are reached. When it levels up, more tuning options and shop functions will become available.

Here's how you can reach these levels:

  • Level 1 - Base level of the store.
  • Level 2 - Reach Inter-Knot level 35 and talk with Elfy.
  • Level 3 - Reach Inter-Knot level 40 and talk with Elfy.

When the music store reaches level two you will unlock Partitioning. This is where Tuning will give you more Drive Discs of a specific chosen Partition, however they will cost more to do. Also, Intermediate Tuning is unlocked and S-Rank Drive Discs can be obtained.

Once the store reaches level three you'll unlock Main Stat Orientation. This is where Tuning will create Discs of the chosen set, slot, and main stat. However, this will cost Tuning Calibrators on top of the usual Tuning costs. Also, Advanced Tuning is unlocked and S-Rank Drive Discs are guaranteed.

Here are the costs for each of the Tuning ranks in the store:

  • Beginner Tuning - This uses Hi-Fi Master Copies.
  • Intermediate Tuning - This uses Noise Reduction Master Copies.
  • Advanced Tuning - Uses Audio Booster Master Copies.
zenless zone zero bardic music store clerk
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How to dismantle Drive Discs

Also at Bardic Music Store, you can dismantle existing Drive Discs to get materials such as Audio Booster Master Copies and Molded Plating Agents.

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That's all for now! We hope you enjoy Zenless Zone Zero.

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