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Zenless Zone Zero Trophy Guide

Plus, how to get Platinum on PS5.

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There are 44 Trophies to collect in Zenless Zone Zero on PlayStation 5 consoles. 16 of these Trophies are hidden and you'll need to come across their unlock requirements through playing the main story, levelling-up specific Agents or simply exploring your surroundings.

Our Trophy guide below for Zenless Zone Zero is focused on the PlayStation 5 Trophies that are on offer. This is not covering other trophies at this time, only ones on console.

On that note, here are all of the Zenless Zone Zero Trophies, including Hidden Trophies and how to get the Platinum one.

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Zenless Zone Zero Trophy Guide

Here's a list of all of the non-hidden Trophies for Zenless Zone Zero on PS5, including their grade and how to unlock them:

Trophy How to unlock it Grade
Family Complete Phaethon's Story Bronze
Hollow Detective Collect 50 Observation Data Bronze
Bangboo Hand-in-Hand Save Little Beetroot in the 'Bangboo Limbo' commission Bronze
221B Sixth Street Collect 100 Observation Data Bronze
Playing Myself Complete the Soldier 11 Agent Story Bronze
An Adept Student Requires a Brilliant Teacher Complete the Nekomata Agent Story Bronze
Iron Witch Complete the Grace Agent Story Bronze
Then, I Wish Us... Complete the Koleda Agent Story Bronze
Sweetcakes That Never Expire Complete the Rina Agent Story Bronze
And You, My Friend, Are the Companion of Justice Complete the Lycaon Agent Story Bronze
New Game+ Reach Level 40 with an Agent for the first time Bronze
Toy Builder Extraordinaire Reach Level 20 with a W-Engine for the first time Bronze
Avid Collector Reach Level 40 with a W-Engine for the first time Bronze
Outsourced Investigator Complete 'Old Capital Metro: Edge' in Hollow Zero for the first time Bronze
Let's Get Down to 'Business' See New Eridu for the first time Bronze
Shoppa the Explorer Unlock 5 Stores in New Eridu Bronze
A Great Manager Reach Level 6 with the Random Play video store Bronze
My House Is Pretty Big After All Unlock the second floor of Random Play Bronze
Rookie on the Road Reach Level 20 with an Agent for the first time Bronze
Purrfect Partner Reach maximum Trust with Inky Silver
Final Director's Cut Reach the hidden ending of 'The Prophecy' commission Silver
Detective New Eridu Collect 200 Observation Data Silver
Armed to the Teeth! Reach Level 60 with an Agent Silver
I Swear I Just Really Like 3D Puzzles Reach Level 60 with a W-Engine for the first time Silver
One Who Gazes Into the Abyss Complete any stage in Hollow Zero on Core difficulty for the first time Silver
A Legend Reborn Complete all Proxy Primers Silver
Encounters of the Third Kind Complete 'Withering Garden: Core' in Hollow Zero for the first time Gold
Welcome to New Eridu! Collect all Trophies (including Hidden ones) Platinum
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Zenless Zone Zero Hidden Trophy list

Here's a list of all of the Hidden Trophies for Zenless Zone Zero on PS5, including their grade and how to unlock them. It's worth keeping in mind that with Hidden Trophies, you will only be able to see them once you've met the requirements to unlock them:

Trophy How to unlock it Grade
Generate Power With Power Restore power to the Ballet Twins Bronze
There Is Only One Truth Catch the culprit who used the EMP to trigger a series of incidents Bronze
Melody of Fate Find out the actual name of the monster - Sacrifice - from what remains of the recording Bronze
The Great Crisis on Sixth Street? Learn about the incident on Sixth Street Bronze
Enlightened Sinner Catch the fleeing pile driver Bronze
Land of Risk and Reward Enter a Hollow for the first time Bronze
A Professional Team at Your Service Establish a cooperation with Victoria Housekeeping Co. Bronze
An Absolute Real Bro Have a competition between bros with the heavy-duty grappler Bronze
Concrete Romeo and Metal Juliet Witness the touching love story between the boring machine and Mr. White Bronze
A Real Beast Meet the president of Belobog Heavy Industries for the first time Bronze
Fortune Favors the Skilled Board Vision's explosive train Bronze
Hello Master Sign an agreement with the Type III General-Purpose AI Equipped with Total Sequential Integration Bronze
Return to Rightful Owner Help the two Public Security officers retrieve the evidence Bronze
Call Out That Name Awaken the prototype's power and defeat the mysterious monster inside the monument Gold
Happy and Full! (Except for My Wallet) After dealing with Vision's explosive crisis, enjoy a buffet with the friends who fought alongside you Gold
Extreme Operation Eliminate all obstacles and save the airship Gold
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How to get the Platinum Trophy for Zenless Zone Zero

To get the Zenless Zone Zero Platinum Trophy 'Welcome to New Eridu!' on PS5 you need to have collected all of the other trophies, including all of the hidden ones. Some of these will naturally unlock as the story progresses, while others will take a while to collect as you need to level-up specific pieces of equipment or Agents.

In total, this means you need to collect 44 trophies for Zenless Zone Zero.

We're estimating that it'll take about 25-26 hours to complete the main storyline of Zenless Zone Zero without doing any of the side quests or extra activities and commissions that aren't related to story progression. However, some of these trophies do require you to take on side jobs so the completion time (and the time it will take to reach the Platinum Trophy) will be considerably longer.

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Also, future updates may add more Trophies to the roster if more, and new, storylines are added.

That's it for now! We hope you enjoy your time in New Eridu in Zenless Zone Zero.

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