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Zenless Zone Zero best Nekomata build

The best Drive Discs, W-Engines, and teams for Nekomata.

Nekomata attacking in the air during her Zenless Zone Zero character demo.
Image credit: HoYoverse

Nekomata is an S-Rank Physical character with the Attack Speciality in Zenless Zone Zero who you get on the Star-Studded Cast Banner, and by losing the 50/50 on a limited-time character's Banner.

You can also pick Nekomata as your free regular S-Rank character after pulling 300 times on the Star-Studded Cast Banner in Zenless Zone Zero.

Whether you have her, or plan on picking her, it's good to know the best Nekomata build in Zenless Zone Zero so you can make the most out of her kit. This includes the best Nekomata Drive Discs, the best Nekomata weapon, and the best Nekomata teams to use.

If it's more general information you're after, then be sure to check out our Nekomata materials and kit page for details on her Core Passives, what materials you need to Promote her, and what you need to level-up Nekomata's Skills.

On this page:

Best Nekomata Build

We have more detailed explanations and alternative picks below, but at a glance, here's what we consider the best Nekomata build in Zenless Zone Zero:

  • Best Weapon: S-Rank Steel Cushion.
  • Best Drive Disc Set: 4-piece Fanged Metal and 2-piece Woodpecker Electro.
  • Best team: Piper and Nicole.
Nekomata on the character select screen in Zenless Zone Zero.
Image credit: Eurogamer/HoYoverse

How to play Nekomata

True to her feline nature, Nekomata is a very speedy attacker whose damage increases by 30% for six seconds when you use a Dodge Counter or Quick Assist. This means your goal with Nekomata is to use Dodge Counter and Quick Assist as often as possible to keep her Core Passive attack buff active throughout a fight.

Quick Assist occurs when a Support character performs a move (like Nicole's EX Special Attack) that flashes the next character's picture in the bottom right-hand corner of the Screen.

Nekomata crouching with her back turned to an enemy after striking him in Zenless Zone Zero.
Image credit: HoYoverse

As long as you have another Physical or Cunning Hares squadmate, you should also aim to apply the Assault effect on enemies with another Physical character as often as you can, so Nekomata's EX Special Attack receives a buff the next time she uses it.

Apart from these two techniques, it's also worth noting that Nekomata has a 33.33% chance to repeat her attacks and deal even more damage on the fifth hit when tapping the Basic Attack button, or after holding the Basic Attack button down during the first three hits of her Basic Attack. So, remember to completely finish her Basic Attack combo if you want the chance to dish out even more damage with Nekomata.

Best Nekomata teams

Cropped view of Piper posing while stretching one arm in the air in promotional artwork for Zenless Zone Zero.
Piper. | Image credit: HoYoverse

Nekomata's best team is with Piper and Nicole, as she gets a Physical buff with Piper and a Cunning Hares Faction buff with Nicole. Piper is also a great pick for her speedy Assault application on enemies, which you need to do in order to trigger Nekomata's additional Core Passive skill that increases the damage of Nekomata's next EX Special Attack, which stacks two times.

If you don't have Piper or Nicole (or don't want to use them), there are alternative picks, but Nekomata doesn't have as many support options to pick from as other Attack characters, unfortunately. Anby can be utilised for her Stun capabilities while activating the Cunning Hares Faction boost, but Billy is a trickier member to slot in, as he's also an attacker. If you don't have Piper, however, he's a decent alternative for Assault application.

Lastly, keep in mind that running a support that uses a move that activates Quick Assist is almost an essential squadmate for Nekomata. So if you're not using Nicole for this, then characters like Soukaku, Rina, and Lucy can help.

Best Nekomata Drive Discs

Nekomata can actually make use of a lot of Drive Disc sets, but overall, we think the 4-piece Fanged Metal is the best Drive Disc set for Nekomata in Zenless Zone Zero as long as you can trigger Assault consistently and quickly (with another character, like Piper). Its 2-piece increases Physical Damage, and its 4-piece increases Nekomata's damage even more when a squad member inflicts Assault on an enemy.

If you can't trigger Assault with another character quickly, then you'll want to equip Nekomata with the 4-piece Puffer Electro or Woodpecker Electro set instead. Puffer Electro's 2-piece increases Nekomata's Penetration Ratio, while the 4-piece increases her Ultimate damage and increases her attack for 12 seconds after using her Ultimate.

Nekomata's Mindscape Cinema artwork in Zenless Zone Zero.
Image credit: Eurogamer/HoYoverse

Woodpecker Electro's 2-piece increases Nekomata's Crit Rate, and its 4-piece increases her attack for six seconds when Nekomata triggers a critical hit with her Basic Attack, Dodge Counter, or EX Special Attack.

Your 2-piece can be either Fanged Metal, Puffer Electro, Woodpecker Electro, or Hormone Punk - depending on what you have as your 4-piece already, and what has the better substats.

Best Nekomata weapons

We think the S-Rank Steel Cushion is Nekomata's best weapon in Zenless Zone Zero because it increases her Crit Rate and Physical Damage, and can increase Nekomata's damage output even more when she attacks an enemy from behind. As she's a very speedy character, this isn't a hard position for Nekomata to get in, letting her take full advantage of Steel Cushion's perks.

Menu view of the Steel Cushion W-Engine weapon in Zenless Zone Zero.
Steel Cushion. | Image credit: HoYoverse

You can also use The Brimstone as an S-Rank W-Engine alternative on Nekomata for its passive attack boost, and stackable increase to her attack when Nekomata uses a Basic Attack, Dash Attack, or Dodge Counter.

For A-Rank weapon options, we recommend Starlight Engine for its great boost to Nekomata's attack when she uses a Dodge Counter or Quick Assist, and Street Superstar if your squad is performing a lot of Chain Attacks, and you focus on unleashing Nekomata's Ultimate.

As long as Nekomata's Crit Rate is relatively high, you can also use Cannon Rotor, as it passively boosts Nekomata's attack and Crit Rate, along with increasing her damage when landing a Crit Hit.

Until you get one of these options, you can also use the B-Rank Lunar Pleniluna, which increases Nekomata's damage when she uses her Basic Attack, Dash Attack, or Dodge Counter. Or, the Lunar Decrescent to increase Nekomata's damage after she performs a Chain Attack.

All the best building Nekomata in Zenless Zone Zero!

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