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Grab this 2TB PNY CS900 SATA SSD for £82 from Very right now

A larger capacity option for a good price.

For some applications, SATA SSDs still have a really useful purpose, such as if you're looking to upgrade from an older hard drive to a much more reliable and speedier storage solution. To this end, this 2TB PNY CS900 is down to £82 from Very, giving you the convenience of quicker storage for a rather low price.

In terms of speeds, PNY rates the CS900 as offering sequential read and writes of up to 550MB/s and 530MB/s, respectively. They may not be up there with some of the best NVMe drives we've seen, but it actually maxes out the SATA III interface the drive runs on. The real comparison here is to made with more typical mechanical hard drives, which are around six or so times slower than SATA III-capable drives like this CS900, meaning this is going to be a lot snappier when fetching files, booting your OS, or loading up games, for instance.

It may not be as quick as an NVMe drive, but for devices that only have room for a 2.5-inch drive like some older laptops, dropping in a SATA SSD can make for one of the simplest yet most worthwhile upgrades you can do. I've personally upgraded a couple of older laptops and desktops with SATA drives from older mechanical hard drives, and the difference is night and day when it comes to boot times.

The fact also remains that you're getting 2TB of storage, which is going to give you a lot of space for an OS install, as well as for a lot of files and applications, too. In doing the maths, it works out that the CS900 is costing you 4.1p per GB, which is some excellent value for money. Moreover, the fact that this is solid state storage and has no moving parts make it inherently more reliable than the older mechanical hard drives you may well be replacing, which is just handy to know for the sake of peace of mind amd ensuring your data is safe.

Getting a reliable SATA SSD with a big capacity is a great way of both speeding up a system and adding in more space at the same time, and for this purpose, this 2TB PNY CS900 deal from Very is worth a look.

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