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Nab this solid AsRock Challenger RX 7600 for a bargain price from Newegg

Not a bad price on a decent GPU.

As much as AMD's RX 7600 seems to be the black sheep of the familar when it comes to RX 7000 GPUs, it remains a competent choice for 1080p gaming with solid results in a range of titles in our testing. Today from Newegg, this AsRock Challenger variant of the card is down to $230, which is a decent price on an equally decent card.

It may not be as quick as even Nvidia's last gen cards or, in some titles, Intel's Arc GPUs, as we found out in our 1080p GPU shootout a few weeks ago, but the results that AMD's latest GPU provides are still more than playable. A result of 52.51fps in Hitman 3 at 1080p for instance may be off the 68.37fps that Intel's Arc A750 and A770 both provide, but it still represents a solid result over the previous gen's RX 6650's result of 40.48fps as well as the RX 6650 XT's 49.05fps result, showing a decent generation-on-generation upgrade.

This also becomes apparent when looking at the results for Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition where the RX 7600's uprated RT performance actually allows it to beat the RTX 3060, and pull even further ahead of the RX 6650 and RX 6600. It's also the same story in F1 22, too. In taking a look at non-RT performance in the likes of Cyberpunk 2077 though, it's here where the RX 7600 begins to stake more of a claim as a solid 1080p GPU. For reference, its result of 74.06fps is quite a way ahead of the RTX 3060's 56.94fps result, as well as both the Intel Arc A750 and A770. The only GPU that beats it off comfortably is the RTX 4060 Ti, although that'll run you a bit more in terms of cost.

For $230, the RX 7600 is a solid performer for 1080p gaming, especially if RT-based gaming isn't your biggest need, and this is definitely a deal to consider if you want a decent gaming rig with a GPU that won't cost the earth.

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