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Zenless Zone Zero Bangboo Tier List

The best Bangboos listed.

zenless zone zero bangboo butt statue
Image credit: Eurogamer/HoYoverse

Bangboo in Zenless Zone Zero are little companions you can take out into the field with you to help your chosen Agents deal with enemies in their path during combat. Each Bangboo has their own unique set of skills that can help your team.

In Zenless Zone Zero, Bangboos can have three abilities: Passive Skill, Active Skill and a Chain Attack. Though, it's worth noting some Bangboos only have the first two and won't have the Chain Attack ability. For our tier list, we've taken into account each Bangboo's set of abilities and how useful they would be to you in the field. It's important to note that this list is subjective and may not match your current playstyle.

With that in mind, here's our Best Bangboo Tier List for Zenless Zone Zero.

Best Bangboo Tier List

Here is our picks for the best Bangboo Tier List. Remember, we've based this list on the Bangboo's abilities and their usefulness in battle. This list is also likely to change as more people play and find more Bangboo exploits.

Best Bangboo Tier List for Zenless Zone Zero:

Tier Bangboo
S-Tier Amillion, Rocketboo, Safety, Devilboo, Paperboo, Plugboo
A-Tier Exploreboo, Sumoboo, Butler, Resonaboo, Penguinboo, Avocaboo, Electroboo, Booressure
B-Tier Sharkboo, Bangvolver, Bagboo, Cryboo, Boollseye, Magnetiboo, Luckyboo
zenless zone zero official HoYoverse art Bangboo in New Eridu
Image credit: HoYoverse

Split into tiers, here are our thoughts on each Bangboo and their abilities in Zenless Zone Zero:

S-Tier Bangboo

Here are our picks for S-Tier Bangboo:

  • Amillion - Amillion is officially an S-Rank Bangboo. As well as being the first Bangboo you see in action (it's Nicole's), Amillion's little machine gun that continously inflicts large amounts of Physical Damage on enemies is a time saver in battle. Most enemies can, and will be, hurt by this damage type and combining Amillion's abilities with your squads will make battles far shorter.
  • Rocketboo - Another one officially labelled as an S-Rank Bangboo. Rocketboo's passive means that Bangboo Chain attacks have greater Anomaly buildup if there are two or more Fire Attribute agents on the active squad. Their name, however, makes more sense with their Active and Chain attacks where Rocketboo mounts a literal small Rocket and aims themselves at an enemy target. Upon impact, its intensity depending on whether it's an Active or Chain attack, the rocket will explode and inflict AOE Fire Damage to any enemy in the nearby area as well as creating large Fire Anomaly buildup.
  • Safety - They're also officially an S-Rank Bangboo. If you've got one Belobog Heavy Industries Agent in your team then Safety will increase the damage a Bangboo Chain Attack inflicts, even more so if said enemy is Shocked or Burning. Also, their drill-based attacks inflict heavy amounts of Physical Damage on their unfortunate targets multiple times.
  • Zenless Zone Zero Safety Bangboo menu screen
    Image credit: Eurogamer/HoYoverse
  • Devilboo - They're an A-Rank Bangboo but their abilities push them into S-Tier. This Bangboo is all about Ether Damage, it can fly around while shooting homing bullets to inflict this damage type and Anomaly buildup. If you've got at least two Ether Attribute Agents in your squad then the Bangboo Chain attack inflicts more Anomaly Buildup and, after activating a Bangboo Chain Attack, your coordination lasts for longer and can activate more times. Also, they can use three homing bullets and enter coordination where their bullets are in sync with the Agent's attacks - again while dealing Ether Damage.
  • Paperboo - Officially an A-Rank Bangboo, Paperboo is a master of disguise... sort of. Ok, they hide in a box but that does come in useful! Their Active lets them hide within a cardboard box and use the taunting effect on enemies, they will also explode and inflict Physical Damage on any nearby enemies if their attacked or when their camoflauge timer runs out (whatever comes first). Also, if you're in a rush, their Chain Attack is just them launching themselves at an enemy while in their box disguise and exploding on impact. If that wasn't enough of a reason to have Paperboo on the team, if you have at lease one Defense speciality on the team then Bangboo Chain attacks give the team Shields depending on the number of enemies hit and this will go to the maximum amount of Paperboo's own HP.
  • Plugboo - Offically, they're an S-Rank Bangboo, but they find themselves listed as an S-Tier here currently. Their Active skill lets them use an EM Cannon on a single target which then creates Electric Anomaly Build up and inflicts Electric Damage. Their Chain Attack 'High-Voltage Resistance' uses a very strong Electric AOE attack that inflicts damage on any enemies in the surrounding area. This also creates more Electric Anomaly Build up while dealing Electric Damage. Also, this Bangboo as it its most useful if you've got at least two Electric Attribute Agents in your squad.
zenless zone zero amillion, rocketboo and safety bangboo
Image credit: Eurogamer/HoYoverse

A-Tier Bangboo

Here are our picks for A-Tier Bangboo:

  • Exploreboo - Officially an A-Rank Bangboo, there is no downside to having Exploreboo on the team if you have a Support Speciality Agent on your squad. Their passive has three distinct qualities, it increases HP recovery, Shield Regeneration and Energy Regeneration for the entire team that's out in the field. Also, they can further enhance this by digging around the area to give characters an extra boost of one of the three listed passive boosts.
  • Sumoboo - Also officially an A-Rank, Sumoboo's AOE attack is how they've wriggled their way onto this part of our tier list. After leaping towards an enemy, Sumoboo's Rock Crusher attack lets them strike down at the target and create AOE Physical Damage upon impact. So, not only does the targeted enemy feel the full force of Sumoboo but anything that's nearby will also be damaged. On top of this, Sumoboo's passive is that you can inflict higher amounts of Daze to enemies that are above the 50% daze point.
  • Butler - Butler is officially an S-Rank Bangboo and a dapper one that really does want to help you, but their abilities have just about moved them into the A-Tier in our eyes. They passively boost energy as well as baking energy-increasing snacks for the squad. Also, they beat enemies to a pulp with a frying pan and pancakes.
  • Resonaboo - Offically labelled an S-Rank Bangboo, Resonaboo was just about moved down to A-Tier due to their companion's stronger qualities. However, Resonaboo is still a great Bangboo to have on your team and their Active Skill is mainly the reason why. It's called 'Mini-Black Hole' and, as the name suggests, it's a small Black Hole that will pull nearby enemies into it then inflict Ether Damage while accumulating Ether Anomaly Buildup at the same time. Also, their Chain Attack 'Primordial Black Hole' is a bomb that Resonaboo throws at enemies to deal the same damage.
  • Zenless Zone Zero Resonaboo Bangboo menu screen
    Image credit: Eurogamer/HoYoverse
  • Penguinboo - No, we didn't put this here because they're dressed as a Penguin (maybe slightly), but Penguinboo is offically an A-Rank Bangboo that deserves this spot. This Bangboo will be at its full potential if you've got at least two Ice Attribute Agents on your squad, but their active and chain attacks are still worth it if not. Penguinboo's Active Skill lets them slash at enemies with a blade of ice that deals Ice Damage and Anomaly Buildup of that type. Their Chain Attack is them attacking more feriociously in the same way, dealing the same damage type as their active but more intensely.
  • Avocaboo - Another official A-Rank Bangboo, the Avocaboo may not have any Chain Attack abilities but it's Active Skill that creates HP recovery if the juice they squeeze hits an Agent in your squad is a handy pick-me-up in tough fights. Also, if the juice misses a target it will still remain on the ground for a while where running an Agent through it will yield the same results.
  • Electroboo - One more official A-Rank Bangboo has made it into the A-Tier. Electroboo is at their most useful when you've got at least two or more Electric Attribute Agents on your squad as this activates their passive. However, you don't need this for their Active and Chain. Their Active is where Electroboo continuously electrocutes an enemy, dealing Electric Damage and accumulating Electric Anomaly Buildup. Then, their Chain is simply a much stronger version of their Active.
  • Booressure - Booressure is officially an A-Rank Bangboo and they don't have a Chain Attack, but they're still an A-Tier in our eyes for the time being. This specific Bangboo releases Ether Bubbles that will generate Energy for any Agent they land on. Also, if you've got at least one Support Specialty Agent on your team then these bubbles will create additional energy for any off-field Agents.
zenless zone zero sumoboo, avocaboo and penguinboo bangboos
Image credit: Eurogamer/HoYoverse

B-Tier Bangboo

Here are our picks for B-Tier Bangboo:

  • Sharkboo - Though they're an S-Rank Bangboo, Sharkboo is (for now) a C-Tier Bangboo. They inflict Ice Anomaly Buildup if there are two or more Ice Attribute Agents on a team. Also, they set up traps underneath enemy's feet that sets off torpedoes that inflict Ice Damage.
  • Bangvolver - Bangvolver, though an A-Rank officially, have found their way to C-Tier currently because their Active is a game of chance and it's not ideal in fast-paced battles. Though the two other possibilities for their Active skill inflict a good amount of damage and are powerful, the chance that you can get a Bangboo that shoots flowers instead of bullets can do more harm than good.
  • Bagboo - Another Bangboo that's officially labelled as an A-Rank, the basics of their skills don't really compare to some of the other Bangboos that have made it onto the higher ranks on this list. However, it's still a good Bangboo to have if you've pulled them (as all Bangboo are). Essentially, their attacks are all about slicing and dicing the enemies that dare to stand in your way.
  • Zenless Zone Zero Bagboo Bangboo menu
    Image credit: Eurogamer/HoYoverse
  • Cryboo - One more offical A-Rank Bangboo, Cryboo's attacks inflict Fire Damage on any enemies that they hit but they're arguably less useful than other Bangboos on this list that inflict that damage type. Cryboo's attacks are really focused on attacking a single target instead of multiple, but Fire Damage is still always useful!
  • Boollseye - Another A-Rank Bangboo, Boollseye is currently sitting in the C-Tier because, like Cryboo, their attacks are really focused on a single target rather than dealing damage to multiple at the same time. Their Chain Attack is worth noting though, as Boollseye will launch themselves at a single enemy and slash at them to inflict Physical Damage.
  • Magnetiboo - Yet another A-Rank Bangboo is sitting in the C-Tier for the time being. Magnetiboo doesn't have a Chain Attack and their Active skill pulls in enemies, dealing Physical Damage to any that are hit. They are more powerful if you have one Anomaly Attribute Agent on your team though.
  • Luckyboo - Luckyboo is officially an A-Rank Bangboo but the abilities of its peers have bumped it down to the B-Tier in our list (for now). Arguably, without a Chain Attack, the most useful part of this Bangboo is that their Active skill inflicts Physical Damage on enemies by striking them repeatedly with gold coins (at no cost to you!).
zenless zone zero sharkboo, boollseye and cryboo bangboos
Image credit: Eurogamer/HoYoverse

If you're looking for more Zenless Zone Zero content, check out our pages showing you how to get Bangboo and how to upgrade Bangboo. We've also got a page on the best Nicole Character Build and one showing you how to get more Battery Charge.

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