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Get this 5TB WD My Passport Ultra Recertified HDD for a song from Western Digital

A fairly large HDD for a small price.

I've been a long-term user of Western Digital hard drives since I first bought one as an expansion drive for my Xbox One around ten years ago, and ever since then, I've amassed a stack of cut-price drives for storing media and important files on. In my experience, they've been nothng but reliable, and have worked without a hitch. With this deal on a recertified My Passport Ultra drive for Mac, you too can add a larger HDD for storing all sorts of things on. This is a 5TB option, which is currently down to £80 from WD directly, and gives you a handy saving from its list of £165.

Before I go any further, I should say this is a Recertified drive, according to WD's own standards. According to them, this means it's a drive that may be a customer return and may be repaired. They're all tested to meet Western Digital's quality standards, but may have some small signs of wear. From my personal experience, the HDDs I've bought from Western Digital as Recertified in the past have all been virtually new, so I've recommended them as a place to purchase for a good while.

The fact is that you're getting five terabytes of storage here, which is a lot for cold storing a lot of media and even a full Steam library, although you will be better off moving games to an internal SSD for speedier performance. You can also use this drive for cold storing current-gen console games too, although this drive is far from speedy enough for playing the games off. Even then, being able to have such a large amount of usable storage when games are constantly getting bigger in size is marvellous for fitting more on.

The thing that's interesting about this drive is its USB-C connector, given it's designed traditionally for use with a Mac, as Apple don't put USB-A ports on MacBooks any more, for instance. There is also a USB-C to USB-A adapter in the box if you're using it with a device that may not have a USB-C port, although going for USB-C doesn't seem to yield any performance benefits, just being there for the sake of wider compatibility. That's no bad thing, I suppose.

If you want to grab a lot of hard drive storage space at a cut price, this deal on a recertified WD My Passport Ultra 5TB HDD is a bargain.

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