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Officer Mewmew Medals, challenges and rewards in Zenless Zone Zero explained

How to get Officer Mewmew Medals explained.

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Officer Mewmew Medals are earned by completing Mewmew Challenges - one of the many side activities to keep you accompanied in Zenless Zone Zero.

It's worth completing a selection of Mewmew Challenges in Zenless Zone Zero as they offer a good selection of rewards, including Polychromes and Exploration Observation Data.

Due to this, it's a good idea to know how to get Officer Mewmew Medals in Zenless Zone Zero!

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How to get Officer Mewmew Medals in Zenless Zone Zero: Mewmew Challenges explained

Officer Mewmew can be found in every city block and, for each one, they will have another set of Mewmew Challenges for you to complete.

There are four different types of Mewmew Challenges for you to complete:

  • Complete City Commissions (side quests found in New Eridu, symbolised by the blue exclamation marks).
  • Find HIA Commemorative Coins (can have two related challenges - one for half of the coins and one for all, like at the Brant Street Construction Site).
  • Find Mini Cargo Trucks, such as the six Lost Cargo Truck locations in Sixth Street.
  • Help or repair Bangboo.
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Each Mewmew Challenge comes with a short description which helps you figure out what you need to do to complete it. This can be anything from a location you need to visit to the time of the day the challenge is active during. You may find that a number of Mewmew Challenges will be hidden (symbolised by a question mark). How these unlock depend on the challenge itself - it could occur from continuing with the game's storyline or by completing related Mewmew Challenges.

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Some city blocks also have multiple pages of challenges, but to access these you first need to have completed a set amount of Mewmew Challenges and reached a certain place in the story. Unlocking the second challenge page for Sixth Street, for example, requires you to have earned 10 Mewmew medals and completed the Chapter 2 Main Story.

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Officer Mewmew Medal rewards in Zenless Zone Zero

Completing a Mewmew Challenge will reward you with an Officer Mewmew Medal and the satisfaction of being an upstanding citizen. Thankfully, Officer Mewmew does offer more tangible rewards as well...

Every Mewmew Challenge will reward you with an amount of Dennies and Polychromes, which can come in very handy for getting items like Master Tapes. You will also find yourself rewarded with either Official Investigator Logs - which offer Agent 600 EXP - and W-Engine Power Supplies, which can grant 600 EXP to a W-Engine.

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You also earn one piece of Exploration Observation Data for every Mewmew Challenge you complete. Just remember - you need to visit Officer Mewmew and collect the rewards for the finished challenge to obtain the data.

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Finally, completing a Mewmew Challenge rewards you with a small amount of Inter-Knot EXP. Very useful for when you need to progress further for the next story chapter.

How to unlock Officer Mewmew in Zenless Zone Zero

To unlock Officer Mewmew in Zenless Zone Zero, you must first complete the Prologue - Chapter 1 Story Commission 'Earlybird Ticket to Safety' and a number of activities afterwards, which include:

  • Displaying the photos from your memory board on the wall.
  • Going to sleep.
  • Visiting the HIA Club and trying out a new challenge.
  • Returning to the video store and talking to your sibling.
  • Either helping someone on the street or completing the new Combat Commissions.
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After completing the above, you'll find yourself in a cutscene where your sibling will comment on something strange happening outside of the video store. Going outside will introduce you to Officer Mewmew and this cat has a problem - namely a missing Bangboo with a damaged logic circuit.

Thankfully, the Bangboo isn't too far away as it's sitting behind the newspaper stand opposite your shop. Interact with it and solve the very easy puzzle by turning its transmitters before you're sent into another cutscene with Officer Mewmew.

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Seeing as you're such a reliable citizen who only engages in legal activities, Officer Mewmew has decided you're the perfect person to help them with a series of community projects. Thanks to this, you can now access the list of Mewmew challenges for Sixth Street.

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When you visit a new location, Officer Mewmew will be there with another set of challenges awaiting you. Make sure to talk to Officer Mewmew to know what challenges are available to you! If you check the navigation menu, you'll see that you can even fast travel directly to Officer Mewmew's location.

Good luck earning those Mewmew medals!

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